“On The Fringe” : Summer of Psychics Tour Part I

On the Fringe

The “Summer of Psychics” Tour

Part One ~ Sylvia Browne

    As a member of Fringe Paranormal, I pride myself on being logical and critical-thinking.  Therefore, I am extremely skeptical when it comes to psychics.  Usually there’s just no way to use what they say as “proof”.  But, like my favorite, hot, brooding, TV FBI man Fox Mulder, I WANT to believe.  I had a chance to see three famous psychics this past summer.  Here’s my review:

Sylvia Browne.   http://www.sylviabrowne.com I saw Sylvia Browne (of Montel Williams’ fame) at a casino in Michigan (www.soaringeaglecasino.com ).  On one hand I felt the casino atmosphere was very sad; like half the people there were using the last of their rent or grocery  money in hopes of striking it rich.  On the other hand, Kathy Griffin was scheduled to perform there a few weeks later.  As a Kathy fan, I saw that as a positive.

This event took place in a large auditorium that seats well over 1500 …..and it was sold out.  When you walked in, you were given ½ of a red ticket.  At least you’re supposed to be given one. Somehow I got missed.  I didn’t realize it until we were asked to pull them out because Sylvia had the other halves in a big silver bowl.  Apparently I had nothing of importance to ask Sylvia.  To be honest, I really didn’t.  If I’d have had a ticket and it would have gotten pulled, I would have passed it to someone else.

Anyhow, Sylvia started the event with a little lecture about being at peace with yourself and trying to get hate out of your life.  Then she called someone an “old bitch”.   Maybe she was at peace with that person so she felt OK calling her a bitch, but to me it kinda sounded like hatin’.  After that she started the ticket-pulling. It wasn’t careful, calculated pulling, either.  She just grabbed big handfuls of tickets, called numbers, and answered questions until time was up.  I can only assume/hope those whom were given answers were those who needed comfort the most.  The only specific, testable information she gave us was that President Obama would not be re-elected.  The best part of my trip here was that I won back almost all the money I spent on the trip on the nickel slots.


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