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July 2015:

Things have been heating up here at Fringe. Our Fremont, Ohio Tindall Bridge report was very well received, pushing our site stats through the roof! Thank you to all of our new and returning visitors. We have another urban legend investigation coming up in mid July. Stay tuned!

ATTENTION LIBRARIES and other venues:
Fringe Paranormal is now setting dates to give presentations for the fall/Halloween season. Contact us for details or to reserve a date.

As always we invite everyone to join us on our Facebook Page. Join in on discussions and check out some photos.

Don C, Director

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Latest News

> February 2015 Collingwood Arts Center. Analyzing evidence

> New blog post in Director Kelly's "On the Fringe"

> June 2015 Scouting locations for future investigations

> Tindall Bridge report posted! Check out the investigations page

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