Below you will find case reports on the locations the Fringe agents have investigated.  All reports are factual and based on the experiences and data obtained by our agents. Some reports have relevant visitors’ experience comments at the bottom of the page

Some reports are classified using the new CPI Index

Buck Cemetery ~  Evansport, Ohio  

After hearing numerous reports of unexplained activity occurring in a quiet secluded cemetery, Fringe Paranormal decided to investigate the claims for ourselves.  Did our intrepid team of investigators stumble upon restless spirits of the undead? Are the claims of blood chilling experiences in the area true or are they simply the workings of the human mind? Join us as we investigate Buck Cemetery  >read more

Dayton Residence ~ Dayton, Ohio

In mid-July, Fringe Paranormal investigated claims of paranormal activity in a home near Dayton, Ohio. The residents were more perplexed by than fearful of the activity. They contacted us to investigate and perhaps find a natural explanation for the strange occurrences in their home.  At the residents’ request the location and identities of the persons involved have been “anonymized“  >read more

Old South Main School Phase I ~ Bowling Green, Ohio      CPI 5

On Friday July 24, 2009, Fringe Paranormal was enlisted to investigate strange happenings at an old school in Bowling green, Ohio.  Follow the team as we take on an investigation that produced some amazing experiences for this newly formed group of experienced investigators >read more

Waverly Hills Sanatorium ~ Louisville, Ky       CPI 7

In mid August agents of Fringe Paranormal ventured to Louisville, Kentucky to investigate claims of strange activity taking place at an abandoned sanatorium. Did the team survive the night or are they forever trapped wandering the endless halls with the phantoms of the past?   >read more.

Gore Orphanage/ Milan Cemetery/ Maple Grove Cemetery ~ Vermilion, Ohio 

The Bible speaks of the Holy Trinity.  In the fall of 2009, Fringe took a “para-trip” to discover what we call the Unholy Trinity: Gore Orphanage; site of the alleged burning death of orphaned children.  Maple Grove Cemetery; home of the infamous Dark Angel. Milan Cemetery; final(?) resting place of Abbot’s tomb. Did the team survive the perilous journey?  >read more

Mothman ~ Point Pleasant, WV

Several times throughout 1966 and 1967 a strange winged creature struck terror into the hearts of residents in a small town in Mason County.  Point Pleasant, West Virginia was the alleged nesting spot for a terrifying creature that came to be known as the Mothman. >read more.F

Firenation Glass Studio ~ Holland, Ohio

On a recent Saturday evening, the Fringe Paranormal team investigated a local business on which has a reputation for unexplained activity. This building, one of the oldest and most interesting spots in the area has proven to be one of the teams most perplexing cases. Join the team as we document some amazing activity at one of Holland, Ohio’s most active locations. >read more

Old South Main School Phase II ~ Bowling Green, Ohio

A large edifice in the city of Bowling Green, Ohio looks much like any other old building on the street. Enter this historic old place, however, and you may discover that its serene  exterior is simply a façade. This former elementary school which now plays host to artists and continuing education students has been the focus of unexplained activity. Disembodied voices and mysterious footsteps in the dead of night have been heard by those who have remained alone in the building to clean up or attend to their various late night duties.  The Fringe Paranormal team returned to this location to try to shine a light on the things that lurk in the darkness. >read more

East Side Warehouse ~ Toledo, Ohio   2-13-2010

Goll Woods ~ Archbold, Ohio

Goll Cemetery is a silent memorial entombed within a public nature preserve near Archbold, Ohio. Legend has it that one of the first families in the area, the Peter Goll family, was banished into the woods one evening for some unknown offense. They were left to fend for themselves. The family died off one by one with the patriarch being the last to meet his demise. Some claim to have seen the father and several other family members haunting this cemetery.  Balls of light have purportedly been seen in the area around the cemetery and in the woods. It has also been reported that a big black tombstone in the cemetery is always warm to the touch. The Fringe Paranormal team investigated Goll Woods to shed some light on the dark tales surrounding the area >read more

Old South Main School Phase III ~ Bowling Green, Ohio

It was to be a night much like any other at an old Bowling Green, Ohio school…..or was it?  The Fringe Paranormal team returned to this active location on what was suspected to be a significant date based on previously obtained evidence.  What would destiny dictate on this fateful evening?  Did the Fringe team find any evidence to corroborate claims of paranormal activity? >read more

House of Wills Funeral Home Pre-investigation ~ Cleveland, Ohio   8-13-2010.

House of Wills Funeral Home ~ Cleveland, Ohio

In Cleveland, Ohio a large three story manor stands as testament to a bygone era . This former funeral home, once a meeting place for grieving families, now stands abandoned. Some claim that the dearly departed still roam the labyrinthine halls searching for a way to break their mortal coils. >read more

Moonville Tunnel and Hope Furnace ~ Vinton County, Ohio >read more

Private Toledo Residence ~ Toledo, Ohio  11-06-2010

Weeping Madonna Statue of St. Charbel  ~ Ontario, Canada  11-28-2010

Old South Main School  Phase IV ~  Bowling Green, Ohio  3-12-2011

The Park Hotel  Phase I ~ Put-In-Bay, Ohio

Put-In-Bay is the home of the historic Park Hotel. Does this grand Victorian era hotel play host to living guests as well as the dearly departed?  Some claim that the inn is home to a mysterious woman who keeps watch over visiting children. Some claim to have wakened to see the visage of  a former owner staring down at them as they sleep.  Perhaps some guests simply can not check out. >read more

Private BG Residence ~ Bowling Green, Ohio  4-18-2011

Private Napoleon Residence ~ Napoleon, Ohio

The doorway between life and death is a  portal which must be opened with care.  Sometimes those who enter are uninvited guests.  A home in Napoleon, Ohio may have played host to some of these unwelcome entities.  The Fringe team paid a visit to investigate the strange happenings in the home of a local family.  Join the Fringe team as we investigate one of our most fascinating cases.  >read more

Perrysburg Barn ~ Perrysburg, Ohio >read more

Mansfield Reformatory ~ Mansfield, Ohio

The cells of the old Mansfield Reformatory stand empty.  Is that the howling of the wind or is it the agonized wail of a doomed soul imparting a warning. Do specters lurk in the shadows wondering why we try to get in when they would have given their immortal soul to get out? Journey through the dark corridors of this immense fortress with the Fringe team as we attempt to unlock the secrets of the Mansfield Reformatory.  >read more

Private East Toledo Residence ~ Toledo, Ohio >read more

Anshai Sfard – Eagle Point Cemetery ~ Rossford, Ohio  9-24-2011

Park Hotel Phase II ~ Put-In-Bay, Ohio  11-04-2011

Private Walbridge Residence ~ Walbridge, Ohio

As children many of us had that imaginary friend we talked to.  To our parents it was a silly little game we played. But what happens when that imaginary  friend escapes the mind of a child and enters the real world?  What happens when that entity is purported to be the agent of unexplained activity?  One family in Walbridge, Ohio has reason to believe that just such an entity is inhabiting their home.  Join the Fringe team as we attempt to bring out our inner child – literally.  >read more

Elmore Ghost Rider ~ Elmore, Ohio 

The normally quiet small town of Elmore, Ohio is a hotbed of alleged paranormal activity during the last week of March. A headless ghost rider is said to prowl the dark streets of town searching for a victim to join him in his eternal ride on the road to hell. The author and agents of Fringe Paranormal traveled to this sleepy town to investigate the tale of this lost soul. Did the team survive the horror of this phantom menace or did someone wind up as roadkill compliments of the Elmore Ghost Rider?  >read more

Bowling Green Private Residence ~ Bowling  Green, Ohio

Some people believe that death is the end of all things. Others believe that love can survive the death of the body and remain to surround those close to the dearly departed. Could this be the case for a local family? Does the essence of the family matriarch remain behind to care for a baby? Perhaps the healing hands of this nurse attend to the family and their child. Join Fringe Paranormal as we investigate the possibilities. >read more.

Old South Main School Phase V ~  Bowling Green, Ohio  7-15-2012

Private North Toledo Residence ~ Toledo, Ohio  8-18-2012

We have all heard the expression “enough noise to wake the dead”.  But what happens when it’s the living who are being woken up? Sometimes, in the dead of night,  if you listen closely at a certain home in Toledo, Ohio you may hear a restless soul.  Listen closer still and they may have a message to impart.    >read more

Private Delta Residence  ~ Delta, Ohio   10-6-2012

Put in Bay: Park Hotel, Crews Nest, Doller House ~ 11-2-2012

Put in Bay is said to play host to visitors both living and dead.  Hotels and other gathering places that teem with life in the light of day may be just as active under the dark cloak of night.  Have some poor souls found safe harbor on South Bass Island or are they doomed to sail the stormy seas of despair?  Fringe Paranormal journeyed to several island hot spots to search for answers and came back with more questions.    >read more

Private Port Clinton Residence ~ Port Clinton, Ohio  12-8-2012   >read more

Toledo Yacht Club ~ Toledo, Ohio  1-26-13 

JRR Tolkien once said “Not all who wander are lost.”  Some believe that the spirits of their deceased comrades wander the halls of the Toledo Yacht Club.    >read more

Monroe  Residence ~ Monroe, Michigan  5-11-2013

In death there is peace. Sometimes, however, the dead simply can not rest. Especially when their death was brought about by their own hand.  >read more

Blissfield Residence ~ Blissfield, Michigan  6-15-2013

They say the best tenant is the one that pays the rent and doesn’t cause problems.  But what happens if the tenant is a poor soul who lives in that space between reality and the hereafter?  >read more

Bowling Green residence ~ Bowling Green Ohio  6-21-13 

Everyone loves a peaceful home in the country.  Sometimes the undead like it so much they stick around….  >read more

Firenation Glass Studio ~ Holland, Ohio  7-27-13

In the dead of night the Fringe team searches for answers in the darkened glass studio. The heat still radiates from the ovens. But perhaps that’s not all that lingers…  >read more

Maumee Branch Public Library ~ Maumee, Ohio  9-14-2013

Some people believe that shadowy figures lurk amongst the bookshelves of the library.  Others say disembodied footsteps disturb the sanctity of this historic place… >read more

Put in Bay ~ 11-1-2013 ~ on-going evidence review underway

Rossford Residence ~ Rossford, Ohio 11-16-2013 

 Many of us have dealt with troublesome neighbors.  But what if that neighbor is one of the undead?  There is no paranormal policeman  or anomaly abatement department.  What is a frustrated tenant to do?  Why call upon their local neighborhood paranormal investigator of course!  How did Fringe Paranormal deal with this strange case?  Read on…  >read more

Birmingham Public Library ~ Toledo, Ohio 1-11-14

Some of the patrons visiting this institution are searching for a good book of ghost stories.  And some of those  visiting are LIVING a ghost story. If dead men tell no tales, perhaps they stay around to read them.   >read more

Tony Packo’s Restaurant ~ Toledo, Ohio 1-11-14 

A local eatery is a popular stop for many celebrities passing through town. Do some who have passed on return to drink in the atmosphere and savor the nightlife? Perhaps wayward souls stop to replenish themselves before continuing their journey.                     >read more

West Toledo Residence ~ Toledo, Ohio 2-8-14   >read more

Bellevue Residence ~ Bellevue, Ohio 3-8-14

“Jessica relaxed on the couch thinking about the baby she would bear in the coming months when she heard the footsteps from upstairs. Normally this wouldn’t be a concern except that tonight she was alone in the house. Were her concerns justified or was the Fringe team able to put her fears to rest? ”  >read more

Defiance residence ~ Defiance, Ohio 4-5-14

There’s nothing better than a house in the country; lush landscapes, nature, wildlife…cemeteries.  Do lost souls wander among the tombstones of a lonely cemetery on the grounds of this home occasionally stopping in to say “Hello”?      >read more

McClure Crybaby Hill ~ McClure Ohio 5-23-14  >read more

Tony Packo’s Restaurant ~ Toledo, Ohio 6-22-14

Collingwood Arts Center ~ Toledo, Ohio 8-30-14

Presentations scheduled for October 2014 ~ No investigations

Put in Bay: Park Hotel, Crews Nest, Doller House ~ South Bass Island 11-15-2014

Mansfield Reformatory  ~ Mansfield, Ohio  12-29-14

Collingwood Arts Center ~ Toledo, Ohio  2-21-15

Elmore Ghost Rider Urban Legend ~ Elmore, Ohio  3-21-15

Tindall Bridge ~ Balleville, Ohio  4-25-15

Tindall Bridge has been the scene of both triumph and despair. It is a triumph of engineering and construction and yet is associated with the despair and sadness that walk hand in hand with death. It is a figurative, and some say literal, link to those who have crossed over to the other side.  >read more

Fostoria Historical Museum Pre-investigation~ Fostoria, Ohio  8-22-15

Fostoria Historical Museum ~ Fostoria, Ohio   9-19-15   >Read about it here

Mansfield Fire Museum 10-24-15 >See more

Put In Bay  11-6-15

Newport  Residence ~ Newport, Michigan   1-9-16

South Toledo Residence  ~ Toledo, Ohio  2-20-16

Bellevue Ohio Residence  3-19-16

Phoenix Brewing Company ~ Mansfield, Ohio  5-29-16 read more

McClure Crybaby Hill ~ McClure, Ohio  7-16-16 revisited with updates

Walbridge Night Club ~ Walbridge Ohio  8-10-16

Put in Bay ~ 11-11-16

Lakewood Residence ~ Cleveland, Ohio  1-15-17

Temperance Residence ~ Temperance, Michigan  2-4-2017

Firenation Glass Studio: Ghosts in Holland Ohio ~ Holland, Ohio March 16, 2019 >>read more

Punderson Manor ~ Newbury Township, Ohio read more

Haunted Hydro ~ Fremont, Ohio >>read more

Richfield Fire Station ~ Richfield, Ohio 7-10-2021 >> read more

Front Street Warehouse ~ Toledo, Ohio 8-28-2022 >> read more

Father John’s Microbrewery ~ Bryan, Ohio 11-5-22 >> It was an early November evening when we arrived at a well known microbrewery in Bryan, Ohio. We had heard the rumors about paranormal activity in the former Methodist church and knew we had to investigate the claims. Does hallowed ground support the presence of spirits? Join us as we investigate Father John’s microbrewery

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