Father John’s Microbrewery

It was an early November evening when we arrived at a well known microbrewery in Bryan, Ohio. We had heard the rumors about paranormal activity in the former Methodist church and knew we had to investigate the claims. Does hallowed ground support the presence of spirits? Join us as we investigate Father John's microbrewery

Lavender is Seasonal, but Cults are Forever: A Day Trip to Kirtland

"I am looking for someone to share in an adventure that I am arranging, and it's very difficult to find anyone" - Gandalf In mid-July 2022, I had a chance to catch up with some TV (thanks second round of Covid). One show I'd heard a lot about was Hulu's Under the Banner of Heaven.... Continue Reading →

Front Street Warehouse

August 28, 2022 History "Lincoln Park Place" image Courtesy of the Ohio History Connection https://ohiomemory.org/digital/collection/p16007coll33/id/96235 The building, now home to (business name redacted) was built in 1929 in East Toledo's Ironville neighborhood. Prior to the current tenant it housed businesses such as Industrial Steel Castings Company, Unitcast Corporation, Wine Railway Appliance Company, and Saylor Cafe.... Continue Reading →

The Haunted South Main Street School Experience

"PARANORMAL FIRM FORCED TO RELOCATE" My stomach queasily flip-flopped when I saw the tagline on the July 8, 2022, WNWO Toledo 6 o'clock news release. The feeling only worsened after watching their short report—who would have believed so many inaccuracies could be spewed in less than five minutes? "This," I thought, "is why you should... Continue Reading →

Haunting Memories ~ New Fun at the Old Sandusky Mall

My paranormal group, Fringe Paranormal, is based in Toledo, Ohio. This is fine; there are many allegedly haunted places in and around The Glass City. The problem is that I am the only group member to live an hour away from Toledo. Usually, the drive there when I'm pumped about an investigation is not bad.... Continue Reading →

High Strangeness Homing Device Part 2 ~ Malabar Farm

If you read my last article, you know that in July of 2021, I decided to take a trip to Mohican Castle in Loudonville, Ohio. Previous visits to Loveland and Squire's Castles had (has) me wanting more. By sheer luck (or by my finely-tuned homing device), I found the two most haunted parts of the... Continue Reading →

High Strangeness Homing Device Part 1 ~ Landoll’s Mohican Castle

"This bugs me the worst. That's when the husband thinks that the wife knows where everything is, huh? Like they think the uterus is a tracking device. He comes in: "Hey, Roseanne! Roseanne! Do we have any Cheetos left?" Like he can't go over and lift up the sofa cushion himself." -- Roseanne BarrI remember... Continue Reading →

Richfield Fire Station

Those who fight fires often forge a strong bond. The men and women in a fire house become family; living, eating, and socializing together. When one of these courageous people perishes in a fire it can be devastating to their comrades and the community. Perhaps some of these departed souls linger. Do the spirits of... Continue Reading →

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