There’s No Place Like Home ~Spring Break 2020

"Can you see it? Is it moving? Well? Is it?" -- My friends and I circa 1975 Last year on my Spring Break, I traveled four hours from Northern Ohio to Southern Ohio to visit the infamous ghost town areas of Moonville Tunnel and Hope Furnace. The one-day trip was such a blast that I... Continue Reading →

“On The Fringe” – Over Exposed

So, I’m scrolling through Facebook today when I see the headline:  “Paranormal Investigator Exposed to Fake Activity of Ghosts”.  Oh the outrage!  You mean a ghost didn’t really move that ball on command?  Shocking! And I think to myself…really?  Really we’re surprised?  The paranormal field has taken a huge turn since back in the day... Continue Reading →

“On The Fringe” ~ Never Forget the Urban Legend

First of all, no, this title is not some type of sinister warning.  It’s more like a lecture.  Sorry, kids.  It’s still May and school’s not out yet! So picture this.  It’s Saturday, and lo and behold you have no plans.  If you’re like me (and you have to kind of be, right?  Or why... Continue Reading →

“On The Fringe” Things That Made Me Go Hmmmmm…2014 Edition

Another clever snow day activity? Finishing the blog you started before Christmas!  Happy New Year 2015! Or close to it, I hope! The laptop that I started this post on had to go to the computer hospital, so I’m attempting to use a different device. New year, new technology I guess. That should be a resolution... Continue Reading →

“On The Fringe”~Kids and the Paranormal

    It’s August.  I can almost hear all you parents:  “It’s time for the kids to go back to school! Yay!”  I’m moving classrooms this year, so I’ve already been planning for the new school year for a while.  I’ve been teaching Kindergarten for 18 years and have learned there’s an art to setting up... Continue Reading →

Fringe is Filming

Fringe Paranormal has some exciting news!  In collaboration with Dave Rhode and Craig Gozzetti, and Pumpkin Pulp Productions, we will be filming an episode of American Haunts.  We have the honor of investigating the Christmas Story House in Cleveland, Ohio on the weekend of January 24-26, 2014.  The exterior of the home was used in... Continue Reading →

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