“On the Fringe” – Summer of Psychics Tour Part 2

On the Fringe

Part Two ~ John Edward

 John Edwardwww.johnedward.net  Yes, the psychic, not the politician.  I used to watch John’s show “Crossing Over” pretty regularly when it was on TV years ago and I liked what I saw.  Even so, on TV you just never know if stories get creatively edited or if people are planted in the audience.   At the beginning of this gallery reading, John talked about the ego and how it relates to anyone dealing with the paranormal.  He also explained that part of the reason he no longer has a show is because the producers wanted him to provide more drama even if it was at the expense of the audience members.  It was like you were reading my mind, John…

The reason we ended up at the John Edward event is because my brother-in-law’s mother passed away too soon of breast cancer.  Her name was Sharon.  This event took place in Sharonsville, Ohio on Sharon’s actual birthday.

Before any readings, John told everyone not come up to him after the show and tell him that he gave their message to someone else.  He is pulled by the dead to the people with whom they want to connect.  Then he gave some people a chance to ask questions.  I think maybe he was opening himself up to the other side while he was answering those questions, but that’s ONLY a guess.

Inevitably (it really was inevitable, wasn’t it?), John pointed to our area and said “I feel I’m being pulled to the gentleman in the white button-down shirt”. At first my brother-in-law didn’t think John meant him because his shirt was really light blue, so my sister had to smack him around a bit before he stood up.   John’s rule is if he comes to you, your whole party is supposed to stand up.  My sister and I remained seated, though, while my brother-in-law and his sisters stood and received microphones.  I guess we felt we were really there for Sharon. John’s first question was “Who are the people in the lineage?  The ones who are named after each other?”  Stumper.  I mean, who doesn’t have that in their family?  John went on and Sharon definitely came through for her kids.

Then, just when we were thinking our message must be about over, John asked  “Who’s James?”  My mouth literally fell open.  I slapped my sister and she stood and took a microphone. I kept sitting because I was taking notes. (This is a tip if you ever go to something like this.  Take notes.  You WILL forget things!)  My sister said, “My grandpa’s name was James and my dad’s name is James and my brother’s name is James.”  Someone a couple seats down from me whispered “the lineage!”  THEN John asked, “Which one is the one with the horse?  I literally see someone walking with a horse”.  Holy crap.  I looked down the row to see who in my party was wearing something western-like.  Cowboy boots or something.  Nothing.  My sister explained to John that my grandpa used to raise horses.  Recently, I had contacted the person who owns the property that used to belong to my grandparents and was granted permission to take some of the old horse memorabilia out of their barn that still stands.  We had put some of it together and given it to our dad for Father’s Day.  I was floored.  And I can assure you that my family and I were not “plants”.

John spent about 20 minutes of the two-hour event connecting with our family.  In my opinion, it was the real thing.  I would have to write a small book to include all the details.  John Edward himself was very humble and down-to-earth.  It would have been entertaining and worth the trip and $150 ticket even without the personal reading.

St. Augusrine lighthouse
Earlier in the summer, I had visited the St. Augustine lighthouse and had packed my souvenir T-shirt to wear after this event. John Edward uses the lighthouse as his symbol of spreading light and hope. Coincidence?

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