A Haunting in Toledo

Private Toledo Residence Investigation Date: August 18, 2012 Location:  somewhere in Toledo, Ohio Investigation Conditions Mean Temperature 64°f Dew Point 47°f Average Humidity 55 Precipitation 0.0 in. Sea Level Pressure 29.99 in. Wind 3 mph NNE Moon Waxing crescent 1% Investigators Don C. Kelly S. Fred S. Ray W. History and Claims This two story... Continue Reading →

“On the Fringe” My Start in the Paranormal

Introduction Part Two ~ “Finally Fringe”             So how does one get from reading books and watching TV into an actual paranormal group?  Well for me it went something like this:  It was a February evening in 2007.  I’m not sure if MySpace was around , but Facebook wasn’t yet mainstream, so I... Continue Reading →

“On The Fringe” : Summer of Psychics Tour Part I

The “Summer of Psychics” Tour Part One ~ Sylvia Browne     As a member of Fringe Paranormal, I pride myself on being logical and critical-thinking.  Therefore, I am extremely skeptical when it comes to psychics.  Usually there’s just no way to use what they say as “proof”.  But, like my favorite, hot, brooding, TV FBI... Continue Reading →

Walbridge, Ohio Private Residence

As children many of us had that imaginary friend we talked to.  To our parents it was a silly little game we played. But what happens when that imaginary  friend escapes the mind of a child and enters the real world?  What happens when that entity is purported to be the agent of unexplained activity? ... Continue Reading →

East Side Toledo Residence

. Investigation Date: August 27, 2011 Location: East Toledo, Ohio Investigation Conditions Avg. Temperature  73°f Avg. Humidity  68% Barometric Pressure  29.88 in. Wind  2 mph NE Precipitation  0.0 in. Dew Point  60°f Moon  waning crescent 12% of full  Age 11% Solar X-Rays  normal Geomagnetic Field  quiet . History and Claims This two-story residence was built... Continue Reading →

Perrysburg Ohio Residence

Investigation Date:  July 30, 2011 Investigators Present Kelly S. Don C. David T. Jake K. Tony A. AL  L. Tami L. . Investigation Conditions Avg. Temperature  82°f Avg. Humidity  62 Barometric Pressure  30.06 in. Wind  2 mph ESE Precipitation  0.00 in. Dew Point  67°f Moon  waning crescent .. History and Claims The barn on the... Continue Reading →

Napoleon Ohio Private Residence

The doorway between life and death is a  portal which must be opened with care.  Sometimes those who enter are uninvited guests.  A home in Napoleon, Ohio may have played host to some of these unwelcome entities.  The Fringe team paid a visit to investigate the strange happenings in the home of a local family. ... Continue Reading →

Strange Activity at an old South Main school: Phase III

It was to be a night much like any other at an old Bowling Green, Ohio school…..or was it?  The Fringe Paranormal team returned to this active location on what was suspected to be a significant date based on previously obtained evidence.  What would destiny dictate on this fateful evening?  Did the Fringe team find... Continue Reading →

A haunting at old South Main school: Phase II

A large edifice in the city of Bowling Green, Ohio looks much like any other old building on the street. Enter this historic old place, however, and you may discover that its serene  exterior is simply a façade. This former elementary school which now plays host to artists and continuing education students has been the... Continue Reading →

Buck Cemetery

After hearing numerous reports of unexplained activity occurring in a quiet secluded cemetery, Fringe Paranormal decided to investigate the claims for ourselves. Did our intrepid team of investigators stumble upon restless spirits of the undead? Are the claims of blood chilling experiences in the area true or are they simply the workings of the human... Continue Reading →

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