Oceanic Bloop: What lurks in the Deep?

by Shelly Gatto.

You may have heard of the famous Bloop, but for those who have not, this phenomenon has baffled scientists for over a decade. What is so fascinating is not so much the sound itself, which was recorded by the United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Rather, it is the possible sources of the sound that has left many scientists wondering. It has been determined that the Bloop was not man made and displays characteristics that are similar to the sounds made by sea creatures. The only difference is, given the range of the sound, the creature that made it would have to be larger than any recorded ocean animal, living or extinct.




·    The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration detected the Bloop a number of times through out the summer.

Other audio anomalies heard in the ocean:


·    The Slow Down was recorded on May 19th by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The source has not been discovered, although speculation exists that it may have been the result of shifting ice in Antarctica.


The Final Report

The Bloop has not been reported since the summer of 1997.  If it was created by an aquatic animal, then this might not be terribly surprising. If the creature was capable of hiding its existence from humans for hundreds of years, then we may never hear another Bloop in our lifetime.


Possible Explanations

Some skeptics believe the Bloop was produced by giant squid living far under the surface of the ocean. We know these elusive creatures exist through damage found on ships and the occasional carcass washed up on beaches.  However, no one has actually seen one in the wild. They are known for their admirable size, with the largest recorded specimen measuring 18 meters in length. No one truly knows just how massive these creatures can be.

Boston University marine biologist Phil Lobel disagrees with the explanation. He states that given the squid’s lack of a gas filled sac, the creature would not be capable of making a sound similar to the Bloop. Despite this, Lobel still believes the Bloop originated from a biological source. Perhaps one that is has never been discovered.


A Final Word on the Bloop

Despite all of our technological advancements, the Bloop still appears to be an unexplained anomaly. Perhaps in the future, the sound will be recorded again and provide a much-needed clue that could resolve the debate. In the meantime, this strange recording serves as a reminder of the Earth’s deepest, darkest places. Places humans have not yet fully discovered, and possibly never will.


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