Oceanic Bloop: What lurks in the Deep?

by Shelly Gatto. You may have heard of the famous Bloop, but for those who have not, this phenomenon has baffled scientists for over a decade. What is so fascinating is not so much the sound itself, which was recorded by the United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Rather, it is the possible sources... Continue Reading →

Strange Activity at an old South Main school: Phase III

It was to be a night much like any other at an old Bowling Green, Ohio school…..or was it?  The Fringe Paranormal team returned to this active location on what was suspected to be a significant date based on previously obtained evidence.  What would destiny dictate on this fateful evening?  Did the Fringe team find... Continue Reading →

Buck Cemetery

After hearing numerous reports of unexplained activity occurring in a quiet secluded cemetery, Fringe Paranormal decided to investigate the claims for ourselves. Did our intrepid team of investigators stumble upon restless spirits of the undead? Are the claims of blood chilling experiences in the area true or are they simply the workings of the human... Continue Reading →

Electro Magnetic Field Meters

Ghost Hunting Resources: The Electromagnetic Field Meter by Shelly Gatto With so many ghost hunting television shows airing today, you have probably seen an E.M.F. meter in action. The investigators are often seen adjusting and wielding all manner of high tech equipment. E.M.F. stands for electromagnetic field, and the device that reads these fields has... Continue Reading →

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