Dead Broke: Haunted Colorado Grande Casino and Hotel

  Cripple Creek, Colorado: Ghosts of the Colorado Grande Casino and Hotel In Cripple Creek Colorado sits an old building located at 300 E. Bennett Avenue. The structure possesses significant personality and charm. At first glance the Colorado Grande Casino and Hotel seems rather unassuming, with timeless brick architecture and a blue awning that shades... Continue Reading →

The Fringe Wordbook: A Tome of Paranormal Definitions

Welcome to the Fringe Wordbook.   Eventually we hope to include just about every word related to the paranormal and its meaning.  So of course this will be a continuous work in progress.  If can't find a word or have one we should add contact us below and we may add it. This is your chance... Continue Reading →

The Eerie Myrtles Plantation

by Shelly Gatto . Nestled amid a scenic stretch of natural landscape in Saint Francisville, Louisiana, the Myrtles Plantation is recognized as one of the most haunted locations ever investigated. It is hard to brush off the number of sightings and strange occurrences that have been reported by numerous witnesses visiting beautiful plantation house. On... Continue Reading →

Mothman of Point Pleasant

Several times throughout 1966 and 1967 a strange winged creature struck terror into the hearts of residents in a small town in Mason County.  Point Pleasant, West Virginia became the alleged nesting spot for a terrifying creature that was to be known as the Mothman. The events that unfolded in this small town remained with... Continue Reading →

Oceanic Bloop: What lurks in the Deep?

by Shelly Gatto. You may have heard of the famous Bloop, but for those who have not, this phenomenon has baffled scientists for over a decade. What is so fascinating is not so much the sound itself, which was recorded by the United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Rather, it is the possible sources... Continue Reading →

House of Wills Funeral Home

In Cleveland, Ohio a large three story manor stands as testament to a bygone era . This former funeral home, once a meeting place for grieving families, now stands abandoned. Some claim that the dearly departed still roam the labyrinthine halls searching for a way to break their mortal coils. Others believe the edifice to... Continue Reading →

Gore Orphanage Road

  On Sunday September 13, 2009,  several members of Fringe Paranormal took a para-trip to several locations around the Sandusky, Ohio area.  First up on the itinerary  was Gore Orphanage Road. We made our way down a lonely, winding road crossing over a small bridge. Located in Vermilion, Ohio the orphanage (well actually it is... Continue Reading →

Hollywood Afterlife: Peg Entwhistle

Peg Entwistle’s Hollywood Afterlife: A Glimpse of the Departed Off of the Silver Screen by Shelly Gatto . . Hollywood is one of the most recognizable places in America. It is often associated with its living inhabitants: the high profile celebrities, directors, producers and musicians that help maintain its glamorous charm. What many Hollywood revelers... Continue Reading →

Firenation Glass Studio: A Paranormal Hotspot

On a recent Saturday evening, the Fringe Paranormal team investigated a local business on which has a reputation for unexplained activity. This building, one of the oldest and most interesting spots in the area has proven to be one of the teams most perplexing cases. Join the team as we document some amazing activity at... Continue Reading →

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