Front Street Warehouse

August 28, 2022 History "Lincoln Park Place" image Courtesy of the Ohio History Connection The building, now home to (business name redacted) was built in 1929 in East Toledo's Ironville neighborhood. Prior to the current tenant it housed businesses such as Industrial Steel Castings Company, Unitcast Corporation, Wine Railway Appliance Company, and Saylor Cafe.... Continue Reading →

The Haunted South Main Street School Experience

"PARANORMAL FIRM FORCED TO RELOCATE" My stomach queasily flip-flopped when I saw the tagline on the July 8, 2022, WNWO Toledo 6 o'clock news release. The feeling only worsened after watching their short report—who would have believed so many inaccuracies could be spewed in less than five minutes? "This," I thought, "is why you should... Continue Reading →

Merry Go Round Museum

Merry-go-rounds have delighted the masses since the mid-nineteenth century. A calliope plays happy tunes as riders rise and fall while seated on their painted ponies and assorted wild animals. The spinning wheel seems like it could twirl endlessly as its passengers forget their worries and live for the moment. But, alas, as with life, everything... Continue Reading →

Big News for Paranormal Investigations! On behalf of Fringe Paranormal I am pleased to introduce the old South Main school in Bowling Green, Ohio. Founded in 1890, the school maintained its operations until it closed in 2005. It briefly functioned as a common space arts center until 2013 when it shut its doors for good. Even before it closed... Continue Reading →

“On The Fringe” – Over Exposed

So, I’m scrolling through Facebook today when I see the headline:  “Paranormal Investigator Exposed to Fake Activity of Ghosts”.  Oh the outrage!  You mean a ghost didn’t really move that ball on command?  Shocking! And I think to myself…really?  Really we’re surprised?  The paranormal field has taken a huge turn since back in the day... Continue Reading →

The Paranormal at Home: Hauntings in 50 States – North Dakota’s Liberty Memorial Building

Please click here if you would like to read the first article in the series. Libraries are usually known for being calm, quiet and generally innocuous. While this is often the case, the North Dakota State Library may have housed something a little more lively than stacks of aged tomes during its time operating outing... Continue Reading →

“On The Fringe” ~ What’s Really Scary

  I’ve been asked many times “Aren’t you afraid you’ll bring a spirit home with you when you go out on a ghost hunt?”  No, I’m not.  Why not?  Well, I break it down by the different types of haunts.  A residual haunt is one where the spirit does the same thing over and over,... Continue Reading →

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