Everything Old is New Again ~Put-In-Bay 2019 Part 3

The Park Hotel - the perfect combination of old and new Fellow paranormal investigators, remember the first time you went on an investigation? Whether it was a residential home, a business, or a well-established paranormal hotspot, you arrived at the location buzzing with excitement, ready to have an extraordinary experience, and then…equipment set-up. For non-ghost... Continue Reading →

“On The Fringe” Things That Made Me Go Hmmmmm…2014 Edition

Another clever snow day activity? Finishing the blog you started before Christmas!  Happy New Year 2015! Or close to it, I hope! The laptop that I started this post on had to go to the computer hospital, so I’m attempting to use a different device. New year, new technology I guess. That should be a resolution... Continue Reading →

The Formulamatic Theory of Paranormal Relativity (FTPR)

By Scott Shirley As we all know, nothing in this field is fact. But we all are fascinated with the idea of ghosts and the paranormal. So what about a Formulamatic theory? I’m sure all of you are like what is a Formulamatic Theory, well first of all the word Formulamatic apparently is a word... Continue Reading →

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