A Haunting at Malabar State Park

written by Amy S In the summer of 1896, a story of unrequited love ended in the tragic deaths of a Pleasant Valley, Ohio family.In 1873, David and Rebecca Rose. gave birth to Celia (Ceely). Reports indicate that Ceely was mentally challenged, with a mental age well below her peers. As she physically matured, she... Continue Reading →

The Haunted Hydro

The Haunted Hydro Dark Attraction Park Many people love a good scare in the Fall when they visit a haunted attraction. Haunted houses around the country pack in visitors during the Halloween season. But the city of Fremont, Ohio is , perhaps, the only place that boasts a haunted attraction with real haunts and real... Continue Reading →

Defiance Ohio Residence

There's nothing better than a house in the country; lush landscapes, nature, wildlife...cemeteries.  Do lost souls wander among the tombstones of a lonely cemetery on the grounds of this home occasionally stopping in to say "Hello"?   Investigation Date: April 5, 2014 Location: Defiance, Ohio Investigators: Don Kelly Fred Renee   Investigation Conditions Temperature °F... Continue Reading →

The Paranormal at Home: Hauntings in 50 States – Ohio’s Prospect Place

Please click here if you would like to read the first article in the series. Prospect Place is a historic site that was once an important safe haven for those fleeing along the Underground Railroad. As they say, no good deed goes unpunished. The property's purpose did not go unrecognized and it was sometimes the... Continue Reading →

Bowling Green Private Residence

Everyone loves a peaceful home in the country.  Sometimes the undead like it so much they stick around.  Does an unimposing home in Bowling Green play host to an unwanted bothersome entity?  Join the Fringe team as they attempt to explain the unexplainable.  Investigation Date:  June 21, 2013 Agents Present Kelly Don Ray Al Dave... Continue Reading →

An Odd Occurance at a Port Clinton Residence

Investigation Date: December 8, 2012 Location: Port Clinton, Ohio Investigators Don Kelly Al Tami Investigation Conditions Avg. Temperature  Mean 40°f  Max 44°f  Min 37°f Avg. Humidity  Avg.  90    Max 100   Min 79 Barometric Pressure  29.94 in. Wind  5 mph NNE Precipitation  .07 in. Dew Point  39°f Moon  Waning Crescent 25% of full N. Hemisphere Solar... Continue Reading →

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