“On The Fringe”~Kids and the Paranormal

    It’s August.  I can almost hear all you parents:  “It’s time for the kids to go back to school! Yay!”  I’m moving classrooms this year, so I’ve already been planning for the new school year for a while.  I’ve been teaching Kindergarten for 18 years and have learned there’s an art to setting up... Continue Reading →

“On the Fringe” -Summer of Psychics Tour Part 3

Part Three ~ Travis Sanders Travis Sanders.   www.psychictravissanders.com   What?   Travis Sanders is not a famous psychic you say?  Well….he will be if that’s what he wants! I first saw Travis on an episode of Psychic Kids on A&E.  I noticed then that he lived in a town not so far away from me.  Around that... Continue Reading →

“On the Fringe” – Summer of Psychics Tour Part 2

Part Two ~ John Edward  John Edward.  http://www.johnedward.net  Yes, the psychic, not the politician.  I used to watch John’s show “Crossing Over” pretty regularly when it was on TV years ago and I liked what I saw.  Even so, on TV you just never know if stories get creatively edited or if people are planted... Continue Reading →

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