Punderson Manor

Nestled within Punderson State Park in Northeast Ohio, this beautiful manor house sits peacefully near a large lake. Its charming Tudor-style architecture reminds one of a storybook fairy tale. A gargoyle, which legends say can protect a site from evil, sits to the right of the entrance. The overall first impression is striking and rather... Continue Reading →

The Paranormal at Home: Hauntings in 50 States – Alaska’s Anchorage Hotel

Please click here if you would like to read the first article in the series. The second state in our alphabetical review of haunted locations in the U.S. takes us to wild Alaska. Despite being the fourth least populated state, this area is rife with strange happenings. While most would chalk it up to the... Continue Reading →

Dead Broke: Haunted Colorado Grande Casino and Hotel

  Cripple Creek, Colorado: Ghosts of the Colorado Grande Casino and Hotel In Cripple Creek Colorado sits an old building located at 300 E. Bennett Avenue. The structure possesses significant personality and charm. At first glance the Colorado Grande Casino and Hotel seems rather unassuming, with timeless brick architecture and a blue awning that shades... Continue Reading →

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