Exorcism Prayer

Exorcism Prayer Against Satan and the Apostate Angels The following is Pope Leo XIII's prayer to St. Michael the Archangel.  There may be several different translations or versions.  It has been written that the Catholic church strongly suggests that only a priest or other qualified person read this prayer.  This is one of many prayers... Continue Reading →

Fringe Paranormal Research Guide: Part V Angels

Welcome to back to Fringe Paranormal.   It's time to learn a little about ghosts, demons, and angels as well as gnomes, fairies and other "wee people".  The following was compiled by Agent  Scott S. from a variety of sources. At the conclusion of this series you can find the full compendium at Fringe University.... Continue Reading →

Gore Orphanage Road

  On Sunday September 13, 2009,  several members of Fringe Paranormal took a para-trip to several locations around the Sandusky, Ohio area.  First up on the itinerary  was Gore Orphanage Road. We made our way down a lonely, winding road crossing over a small bridge. Located in Vermilion, Ohio the orphanage (well actually it is... Continue Reading →

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