Firenation Glass Studio: Ghosts of Holland Ohio

On several occasions the Fringe Paranormal team has investigated a local business which has a reputation for unexplained activity. This building, one of the oldest and most interesting spots in the area has proven to be one of the teams most perplexing cases. Join the team as we document some amazing activity at one of... Continue Reading →

Firenation Revisited

In the dead of night the Fringe team searches for answers in the darkened glass studio. The heat still radiates from the ovens. But perhaps that's not all that lingers. Is that a voice issuing from beyond the veil? Do denizens from the past linger in this venerable building? Fringe Paranormal continues its quest for... Continue Reading →

A Fringe Paranormal Interview

Fringe Paranormal had the opportunity to interview with The Mirror Newspaper for Holland-Springfield, Ohio some time ago.  While tweaking the website I happened to notice that this link on "Fringe in the Media" was not working.  So while I work on getting that up and running I thought it might be a good time to... Continue Reading →

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