Defiance Ohio Residence

There's nothing better than a house in the country; lush landscapes, nature, wildlife...cemeteries.  Do lost souls wander among the tombstones of a lonely cemetery on the grounds of this home occasionally stopping in to say "Hello"?   Investigation Date: April 5, 2014 Location: Defiance, Ohio Investigators: Don Kelly Fred Renee   Investigation Conditions Temperature °F... Continue Reading →

West Toledo Residence

Investigation Date:  February 8, 2014 Location:  Residence in West Toledo Investigators Don Kelly Matt (Weston) Chad (Weston)   Investigation Conditions Temperature °F Avg.  8    High  15  Low  1 Humidity Avg.  75  Max   85  Min   64 Barometric Pressure 30.29 in. Wind  6 mph SSW Precipitation .02 in. Dew Point ºF Avg.  4 Geomagnetic Field  Unsettled Solar... Continue Reading →

Buck Cemetery

After hearing numerous reports of unexplained activity occurring in a quiet secluded cemetery, Fringe Paranormal decided to investigate the claims for ourselves. Did our intrepid team of investigators stumble upon restless spirits of the undead? Are the claims of blood chilling experiences in the area true or are they simply the workings of the human... Continue Reading →

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