Moonville Tunnel and Hope Furnace

Investigation Date:  September 18, 2010 Location:  Lake Hope State Park in Vinton County Hope Furnace coordinates:  39° 19′ 55″ N, 82° 20′ 25″ W 39.331944, -82.340278 Moonville Tunnel coordinates:  39° 18′ 24.12″ N, 82° 19′ 16.68″ W 39.3067, -82.3213 . Weather Conditions Avg. Temperature         66° f Dew point                            50° f Avg. Humidity       ... Continue Reading →

Firenation Glass Studio: A Paranormal Hotspot

On a recent Saturday evening, the Fringe Paranormal team investigated a local business on which has a reputation for unexplained activity. This building, one of the oldest and most interesting spots in the area has proven to be one of the teams most perplexing cases. Join the team as we document some amazing activity at... Continue Reading →

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