Big News for Paranormal Investigations!

On behalf of Fringe Paranormal I am pleased to introduce the old South Main school in Bowling Green, Ohio. Founded in 1890, the school maintained its operations until it closed in 2005. It briefly functioned as a common space arts

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Phoenix Brewing Company

Some believe that the soul survives death. Like the Phoenix of myth, a brewing company in Mansfield has risen from the ashes. While a building may not have a soul, this one might house the essence of the departed. Perhaps

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“On The Fringe” – Over Exposed

So, I’m scrolling through Facebook today when I see the headline:  “Paranormal Investigator Exposed to Fake Activity of Ghosts”.  Oh the outrage!  You mean a ghost didn’t really move that ball on command?  Shocking! And I think to myself…really?  Really

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Mansfield Fire Museum

    Fringe Paranormal’s investigation of the Mansfield fire Museum did not produce any evidence but we do have plenty of photos to share.  Take some time and look around! Date: October 24, 2015 Location: 1265 W 4th Street Mansfield, Ohio

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Fostoria Historical Museum

  It has been said that those who ignore the past are doomed to repeat it. Museums serve as record keepers of our past. The dead come alive in these grand spaces and talk to us about the past in

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Tindall Bridge

Tindall Bridge has been the scene of both triumph and despair. It is a triumph of engineering and construction and yet is associated with the despair and sadness that walk hand in hand with death. It is a figurative, and

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“On The Fringe” ~ Never Forget the Urban Legend

First of all, no, this title is not some type of sinister warning.  It’s more like a lecture.  Sorry, kids.  It’s still May and school’s not out yet! So picture this.  It’s Saturday, and lo and behold you have no

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“On The Fringe” Things That Made Me Go Hmmmmm…2014 Edition

 Happy New Year 2015! Or close to it, I hope! The laptop that I started this post on had to go to the computer hospital, so I’m attempting to use a different device. New year, new technology I guess. That should

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“On The Fringe”~Kids and the Paranormal

    It’s August.  I can almost hear all you parents:  “It’s time for the kids to go back to school! Yay!”  I’m moving classrooms this year, so I’ve already been planning for the new school year for a while.  I’ve

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The Fringe Paranormal was derived using the actual handprint of the Dalai Lama. It is the only hand print, which the Dalai Lama allowed to be taken during his life

Welcome to Fringe Paranormal!

Fringe Paranormal Investigations was formed in the spring of 2009 by a band of researchers with a common investigate claims of unexplained activity using scientific methods. We maintain a skeptical yet open mindset. While our focus is on haunted locations and ghosts, we also maintain an interest in cryptozoology, UFOs and other alleged paranormal phenomena. The Fringe team strives to develop new theories and test current hypotheses in the field. We believe that all theories and work methods are open to scrutiny. Using logic and technology we set out to find plausible explanations for claims. Anything we can not explain is labeled as possible evidence of paranormal activity. Fringe operates out of Toledo, Ohio and has traveled as far as Louisville, Ky in search of the unexplained.

Our mission....simply put, to explain the unexplained.

Join the Fringe Team!
Fringe is looking to add one or two quality members to our team. The ideal candidate should live in or close to Northwest Ohio, have a drive to explore and be motivated, and bring something to the table. We are especially seeking a person who wouldn't mind putting them self out there to pursue case leads. After all, the more leads we get the more we all get to investigate. Experience preferred but not necessary but we do ask that you have weekends available (we usually try investigate on Saturdays once per month). Remember you only get one chance at a good first impression. Thanks, Director Don