Fringe in the Media

Fringe Paranormal is always open to different media outlets to help promote both the team and the field of paranormal science. Click on the images below to catch up on what we have been up to.

Fringe in the Mirror

Directors Don and Kelly guest on “The Cafe and Ghostly Excavations “.

Director Don  guests on Boston Paranormal Radio’s “The Hive”


Fringe on Toledo’s WUPW FOX36 News

Fringe Paranormal explores the unexplainable

Published : Sunday, 30 Oct 2011, 10:15 PM EDT

Ashley Johncola  FOX Toledo News reporter

HOLLAND, Ohio (WUPW) – Fringe Paranormal is a group of paranormal investigators who check out local haunts year round. They got together in 2009 and took their name from the FOX series Fringe, because they investigate things on the edge of science.

While they are always looking for a logical reason for eerie happenings, they say some things cannot be explained.

The goal is research, and the group travels anywhere paranormal or strange activity may be taking place. Members use equipment from your basic camera and recorders to more complicated devices that measure electromagnetic frequencies.

Don Collins says the group does not get paid for their explorations, it’s just something they enjoy doing. He says he is grateful to the community for welcoming their investigations.

In addition to trying to uncover the paranormal, these guys recently helped out by donating to the Toledo Northwest Ohio Food Bank at their annual Harvest of Thanks dinner, dance and charity auction.


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