EVPs, “Evidential Audio”, and Video

(your audio experience will be enhanced by using headphones)

Old South Main school

Director David T. hears shuffling behind him at the 13 sec mark

Old South Main  school

The Fringe team hears footsteps upstairs after the first round of shuffling

Old South Main school

 The Fringe team hears loud pops and raps on the walls 7 sec mark

Old South Main school

The upstairs team hears banging then a violent floor popping starting at the 1:45 mark

 Old South Main school

Agent Brenda asks an EVP session question and gets a surprising answer at the 3 sec mark

 East Toledo Residence

During an EVP session the team hears a big thud coming from a side room closet

Walbridge residence

A child is interacting with her imaginary friend.  About 6 seconds in there is a throaty sound where upon the child starts talking to her “friend”

Waverly Hills

Directors Don and Kelly hear a metallic noise at about the13 sec mark

. Waverly Hills

Directors Don and Kelly hear rustling noises in a closet in a dead end hallway

Waverly Hills

Directors Don and Kelly hear disembodied footsteps in a hallway

North Toledo residence

At the  6 sec mark there is something that sounds like a whisper after Kelly says “I can’t kind of escape it”

North Toledo residence

At about the 3 second mark Agent Fred and Director Kelly hear a bang in the kitchen area

North Toledo residence

Director Kelly asks a question and hears a moan at the 9.5 second mark

North Toledo residence

At the 4 and 8 second marks Agent Fred and Director Kelly hear some bangs in the kitchen

North Toledo residence

Director Don hears what sounds like a person humming just as a car drives past. We caught the same sound on 2 different recorders.  It’s hard to hear, listen close

Park Hotel at Put in Bay

At the 8.5 sec mark we hear what sounds like a faint moan

Doller House at Put in Bay

Chad asks a question and receives a faint response at about the 7 second mark, just before he asks his next question

Toledo Yacht Club

A few seconds in we hear some banging and as Kelly asks a question we hear what may be an answer

Monroe Michigan residence

Agent Al asks “…can you make a noise another way?”  and seemingly gets a response

 Monroe Michigan residence

Agent Al says “…it will light up more lights, tell me that you’re here” and gets a response

Monroe Michigan residence

After Agent Al says “…just light that light up” there is a whistle. Director Kelly mentions it afterward

 Monroe Michigan residence

Director Kelly and Agent LeeAnn prepare to leave the room.  LeeAnn is in the middle of a sentence “…do you want to move that..”
We hear a “No” followed by a strange noise.  Note that in the first clip the noise is right up to the mic. In the second clip the noise is captured from a distance.

Firenation Eidence Video Trailer
Full Length Firenation Evidence Video
Mansfield Reformatory Evidence Video
Crew’s Nest Personal Experience Video

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