Fostoria Historical Museum

  It has been said that those who ignore the past are doomed to repeat it. Museums serve as record keepers of our past. The dead come alive in these grand spaces and talk to us about the past in hopes that we will learn from their mistakes. Using allegories about the dead to describe... Continue Reading →

“On The Fringe” ~ Never Forget the Urban Legend

First of all, no, this title is not some type of sinister warning.  It’s more like a lecture.  Sorry, kids.  It’s still May and school’s not out yet! So picture this.  It’s Saturday, and lo and behold you have no plans.  If you’re like me (and you have to kind of be, right?  Or why... Continue Reading →

“On The Fringe”~Kids and the Paranormal

    It’s August.  I can almost hear all you parents:  “It’s time for the kids to go back to school! Yay!”  I’m moving classrooms this year, so I’ve already been planning for the new school year for a while.  I’ve been teaching Kindergarten for 18 years and have learned there’s an art to setting up... Continue Reading →

Defiance Ohio Residence

There's nothing better than a house in the country; lush landscapes, nature, wildlife...cemeteries.  Do lost souls wander among the tombstones of a lonely cemetery on the grounds of this home occasionally stopping in to say "Hello"?   Investigation Date: April 5, 2014 Location: Defiance, Ohio Investigators: Don Kelly Fred Renee   Investigation Conditions Temperature °F... Continue Reading →

West Toledo Residence

Investigation Date:  February 8, 2014 Location:  Residence in West Toledo Investigators Don Kelly Matt (Weston) Chad (Weston)   Investigation Conditions Temperature °F Avg.  8    High  15  Low  1 Humidity Avg.  75  Max   85  Min   64 Barometric Pressure 30.29 in. Wind  6 mph SSW Precipitation .02 in. Dew Point ºF Avg.  4 Geomagnetic Field  Unsettled Solar... Continue Reading →

Tony Packos Restaurant

A local eatery is a popular stop for many celebrities passing through town. Do some who have passed on return to drink in the atmosphere and savor the nightlife? Perhaps wayward souls stop to replenish themselves before continuing their journey. Investigation Date:  January 11, 2014 Location: 1902 Front St. Toledo, Ohio Investigators Don Kelly Al... Continue Reading →

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