Welcome to the Dead Zone

Leading a team of paranormal investigators takes a lot of time and a lot of work.  At times, it can be a big pain in the  butt.  Mostly though, it's an adventure and a satisfying one at that.  When I set out to write this the foremost thought  in my head was "What do people... Continue Reading →

The Legend of the Elmore Ghost Rider

Fringe Paranormal's Director Don was  honored to have this article published in the January 2013 issue of "Phenomena Magazine"  issue based out of the UK.  Let's take a trip to Elmore, Ohio to track down this urban legend.   "THE" bridge. Mud Creek Bridge in Elmore, Ohio The normally quiet small town of Elmore, Ohio... Continue Reading →

A Fringe Paranormal Interview

Fringe Paranormal had the opportunity to interview with The Mirror Newspaper for Holland-Springfield, Ohio some time ago.  While tweaking the website I happened to notice that this link on "Fringe in the Media" was not working.  So while I work on getting that up and running I thought it might be a good time to... Continue Reading →

The Fringe Wordbook: A Tome of Paranormal Definitions

Welcome to the Fringe Wordbook.   Eventually we hope to include just about every word related to the paranormal and its meaning.  So of course this will be a continuous work in progress.  If can't find a word or have one we should add contact us below and we may add it. This is your chance... Continue Reading →

On The Fringe – “Get a Tech Guy!”

Co-director Kelly's Blog      Every paranormal group has one, right?  The guy who can turn an ordinary old digital camera into a full-spectrum camera.  The person who says, “I LOVE evidence review!”  We’ve had those people in our group.  Unfortunately, we don’t have one right now. To be fair, everyone in our group is reasonably... Continue Reading →

Exorcism Prayer

Exorcism Prayer Against Satan and the Apostate Angels The following is Pope Leo XIII's prayer to St. Michael the Archangel.  There may be several different translations or versions.  It has been written that the Catholic church strongly suggests that only a priest or other qualified person read this prayer.  This is one of many prayers... Continue Reading →

“On the Fringe” – Introduction to Me

       First of all, to be perfectly honest, I am starting this blog because of sibling rivalry in a dream.  Really Mom?  My brother could be a good writer?  I was the kid who was always reading!   I’M the one that always wanted to be an author!  Then The Universe told me to act upon... Continue Reading →

“On the Fringe” -Summer of Psychics Tour Part 3

Part Three ~ Travis Sanders Travis Sanders.   www.psychictravissanders.com   What?   Travis Sanders is not a famous psychic you say?  Well….he will be if that’s what he wants! I first saw Travis on an episode of Psychic Kids on A&E.  I noticed then that he lived in a town not so far away from me.  Around that... Continue Reading →

“On the Fringe” – Summer of Psychics Tour Part 2

Part Two ~ John Edward  John Edward.  http://www.johnedward.net  Yes, the psychic, not the politician.  I used to watch John’s show “Crossing Over” pretty regularly when it was on TV years ago and I liked what I saw.  Even so, on TV you just never know if stories get creatively edited or if people are planted... Continue Reading →

“On The Fringe” : Summer of Psychics Tour Part I

The “Summer of Psychics” Tour Part One ~ Sylvia Browne     As a member of Fringe Paranormal, I pride myself on being logical and critical-thinking.  Therefore, I am extremely skeptical when it comes to psychics.  Usually there’s just no way to use what they say as “proof”.  But, like my favorite, hot, brooding, TV FBI... Continue Reading →

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