Fringe Paranormal’s equipment runs the gamut from basic to more specialized equipment

RCA Digital Voice Recorder

Olympus Digital Voice Recorder

We use RCA and Olympus brand voice recorders. Both provide quality audio recording during EVP sessions. Both also come with software to allow you to transfer audio onto your computer. They have apertures for external mics and the recording time available varies by model. It may take some time to master the features but overall the devices are easy to use.  We use roaming recorders during EVP sessions to capture evidence and also to document the timeline of an investigation.  You may want to use two roaming recorders during EVP sessions as capturing the same anomaly on two different recorders will bolster the strength of your evidence. (see our Monroe MI investigation for example). We always keep at least one roaming recorder running at all times during the entire investigation. The Fringe team also places stationary recorders throughout our investigation locations.

K-II  Meter – K2 Meter

The K-ll Meter is a useful tool.  The KII is not used to measure electromagnetic fields per se but is used more as a  sensor to determine changes in EMF levels. To determine specific levels of EMF we would use EMF meters or Gauss meters.  As the KII is not necessarily a strict measuring device it is most often used during an investigation to encourage interaction between any alleged paranormal entities and investigators.  If the KII picks up activity a numerical EMF meter should be utilized to measure any magnetic fields that may be present.

  What Is a K-II Meter?

Made popular by its appearance on the television show “Ghost Hunters,” the device sold under the brand name “K-II Meter” is part of a class of instruments known as “electromagnetic field (EMF) detectors.” When the K-II meter is exposed to a magnetic field, an electrical current is induced within the device’s circuitry. The relative strength of the field (and the induced current) is expressed visually on 5-LED light-up scale.According to a theory espoused by many in the paranormal research community, spirits of the deceased produce a magnetic field which they can manipulate at will. Based on this assumption, researchers will ask questions aloud and try to use fluctuations in the magnetic field as a medium of communication for the spirits’ answers. For example, a researcher might ask a question and then read a list of possible answers. If the K-II meter’s LED readout “spiked” while he was reading one of the answers, he would interpret it as though the spirit has “chosen” that particular answer as its own.
What Is The Science Behind the Meter?An electromagnetic field consists of two parts: the static, electric field (which is constant and based on the total amount of electrical charge present), and the fluctuating magnetic field (which is based on the actual flow of electricity). While more expensive EMF meters that can measure static EMF fields exist, the K-II can only measure magnetic fields.A K-II meter detects magnetic fields through a special coil built into the surface of its circuit board as a spiral wire design. When a magnetic field crosses an electrically-conductive coil, the magnetic energy is transduced into electrical energy which travels through the wire into an electronic amplifier. This amplified electrical signal is then deciphered by a chip in the circuit which triggered one or more LEDs to light up.When the K-II meter moves away from the magnetic field, the induced current decreases, causing the chip to stop lighting the LEDs.
Operating Procedures The K-II meter comes in two varieties: push-button and switch. In the switch model, the device is turned on by flipping a metal switch on the side of the handle. The device remains “on” until the switch is flipped off again.The push-button meter only works when the thumb presses down a “trigger” located just below the LED read-out. Upon pushing the trigger, all 5 LEDs light up for a brief moment before the true reading begins. When the trigger is released, the second LED flashes alone twice.


Sony ECM-DS70P Stereo Recording Microphone

We try to use an external mic whenever possible to minimize noise contamination from the internal parts of our digital voice recorders. This mic should fit most any recorder and needs no separate power source. Sound quality upon playback is clear. No expert knowledge is required.

Mel Meter 8704 EMF Meter

The Mel Meter, like the KII, helps detect electro magnetic fields. This device allows our agents to take an actual numerical measure of the field.  This hand held device is battery powered and can be used to measure EMF and ambient temperature.  The bright back light allows for easy reading in the dark and can also act as a flashlight.  Always try to be aware of the battery life as a dying battery can cause the device to spit out false readings.


Night Owl 8 Camera DVR System Model O-885

Fringe uses an infrared 8 camera DVR system.  The IR capability of the cams allows us to record in dark conditions without losing video quality.  An important thing to remember when using IR cams is that often times colors will not appear normally.  For example, the light of a flashlight may appear as green light.  Not only is the cam system useful for preserving evidence, it also helps document the evening’s investigation.  If we hear a noise on an audio recording, for example, and want to know if it was another team member we may be able to verify that assumption by looking at the video.  We also utilize our footage to aid us in writing the timeline of our case reports.  Be aware that white light, such as that from a flashlight, can appear as green when using the IR feature of the camera.

>>View the cam system specs here<<


The Rem Pod is a battery powered device of roughly the same size and shape as a pack of CDs. The REM Pod uses a mini telescopic antenna to radiate its own independent magnetic field around the instrument.  An encroachment of this field causes the device to emit a high pitched noise and activate its colored lights.  The theory behind the Rem Pod is that it will activate should any unseen presence come within range.  Turn it on and you will find that waving your hand around the antenna will set it off.  Through our investigations we have also discovered that walkie talkies will also activate the device.  It definitely behooves any investigator to be aware of any electrical or radio transmissions within the range of the pod.

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