The Fringe Team


Fringe Paranormal is overseen by three individuals, each with their own area of expertise

Director Kelly S. has a degree in education and is in charge of case management. She oversees  the Fringe Paranormal/client relationship from pre-investigation through final case analysis. Kelly also keeps the team on-point and focused.

“I’ve always had an interest in the paranormal.  I grew up in a time where there were only three channels on your TV (and you had to get up off the couch if you wanted to change one!) and you had a “party line” on the phone at your house!  But I was an avid reader.  At about age 12 I started reading the paranormal greats of those times:  The Omen, Amityville Horror, The Exorcist, Carrie….all before they became movies!  Oddly enough, I used to borrow these books from my paternal grandmother. I often wonder… if she were alive today would she get a kick out of all the paranormal media that is available now?     My wish to become a real-life paranormal investigator came from   watching Ghost Hunters for the first time.  I know it’s become popular to bash these shows, and many of them deserve it!   But when I saw their scientific methods and how they disproved many claims with common sense, I was like “YES!”  I’m a teacher now, but I often wonder that if I had only known there was a viable career in paranormal research how much different my life would be.  Oh well  🙂  I feel very fortunate to have found the like-minded people in Fringe and love every opportunity we have to search out the paranormal through our investigations.”


Director Don C. has a BA in Business and oversees the media relations aspect of the team. He takes charge of promotions, publicity and press releases. Don also writes our final reports and conducts the general direction of the team.

“From an early age I’ve always been interested in things that are strange and different.  Nighttime would find me watching everything from “Twilight zone”, “In Search Of”, and “Unsolved Mysteries”  which, at the time were the equivalent of today’s “Ghost Hunters”. My interest in the unknown extended to cryptids such as Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster. I also had an interest in the performing arts; specifically magic.  The one performer I specifically took interest in was the late Harry Houdini. Ironically enough, Houdini was well known for exposing false mediums. While I never became adept at the craft, my study of stage magic helped develop my sense of thinking outside the box so to speak.  I consider myself to be skeptical yet open minded. As a director of Fringe Paranormal I have been able to meld my sense of adventure and my education into a winning combination which, with the aid of my fellow directors and agents, has served to form Fringe Paranormal into one of the most innovative and productive teams in the area.”


Our agents are extensively trained and thorough in their field. Fringe agents take the time to perform comprehensive , in-depth investigations. Each agent has their own area in which they excel.

Director David T. has a degree in computer science and oversees the technical aspect of the Fringe team. He also keeps abreast of the latest developments in technology to aid the team in its endeavors. David stays alert to emerging theories in the field as well.



Andy M.Andy M. is a recent addition to the Fringe family.  Her research skills are valuable asset in our endeavors

“My paranormal interests began in 2007 when I started watching several paranormal shows. Each one with their own theories and methods of explaining why unexplainable things were happening was fascinating to me. Very quickly, my interests started to scaffold from watching shows to reading books by anyone notable in the “paranormal world.” Along with reading and researching, I traveled to haunted locations (I would read about) and used equipment to collect evidence. When I gained confidence, I started to investigate residential locations. Trying to find answers for people who were having experiences in their own homes seemed to promote my hobby to actually helping and contributing in the paranormal field. With some experience under my belt, I focused on implementing research to support paranormal claims. I found using the local history department to collect news articles, obituaries, transfer and block cards were good places to start the research of a haunted location. Finding evidence that support paranormal claims is like finding pieces to an interesting puzzle. Paranormal investigating is not an easy task, but helping people is the best reward.”



Fred S. is a valuable asset to the team. He possesses a good overall knowledge of paranormal subjects. We look forward to his contributions to the Fringe Paranormal team.

“I was kind of scared of the dark when I was a kid.  I hated ghost movies, scary movies, and zombie movies yet I did not believe in ghosts.  I was 14 years old when I experienced something strange that I could not explain. As I got older I became more interested in the unexplained. I just wanted to explore the unusual.  I’m here to help people get answers they seek.”



Dave B.

David B. is well versed in cryptozoology. He also possesses a well rounded general knowledge in all areas of the paranormal and as such is an asset to the Fringe team.

Agents on Call

Due to their limited availability, some agents are classified as “on-call”. These agents are also highly valued and continue to be an important part of the team.

  • Peggy D. ~ Peggy is knowledgeable in Indian culture and folklore. Peggy also has a gift for resolving claims of alleged paranormal activity that can be explained by natural phenomena.
  • Lee Ann C. ~ Lee Ann has a good general knowledge of the paranormal.  She has proven herself valuable in finding natural explanations for seemingly unnatural events.
  • Val  – Val serves as a Fringe agent during breaks from his service in the U.S. military. He has much to offer the team and we look forward to his contributions.



Consultants and contributors

Fringe Paranormal is fortunate to work with talented people from around the country, some of whom desire to remain anonymous due to the sensitive nature of their employment.

shelly gattoShelly Gatto is a freelance/ghost writer in Pennsylvania and is a regular contributor to “Alternative Reality Webzine”. She is the recipient of the Pennsylvania State Press Association Keystone Award among others. Shelly is on a quest to discover the unexplained through information and insight. She shares her information with others in a way that guides them to their own conclusions.  Shelly has authored many interesting and informative articles on our “Fringe University” page.


Fringe would like to thank our consultants around the country who have expressed a desire to remain anonymous. While we can not name them we appreciate their contributions to our on-going success.

The Fringe Paranormal was derived using the actual handprint of the Dalai Lama. It is the only hand print, which the Dalai Lama allowed to be taken during his life
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