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February 2019:

Happy Anniversary!  you usually hear that in regards to wedding dates. In this instance however we are talking about Fringe Paranormal’s 10 year anniversary; quite an accomplishment in this field if i do say so myself. To celebrate, in March, we are returning to one of our very first haunts from 2009. more to come on that at a later date. We also have more team investigations on tap as well as hosting private and public investigations at the Haunted South Main School in Bowling green, Ohio. Please stop by and visit our haunted school on Facebook.

Haunted South Main School on Facebook

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Don C and Kelly S. , Directors


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Latest News

Updated February 2019

  • Now taking reservations for the 2019 season at the Haunted South Main School (find it on Facebook)
  • Gearing up for investigations in February and March
  • Updating equipment!

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