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A banner indicating that the paranormal report has no information identifying the locationJessica relaxed on the couch thinking about the baby she would bear in the coming months when she heard the footsteps from upstairs.  Normally this wouldn’t be a concern except that tonight she was alone in the house.  Were her concerns justified or was the Fringe team able to put her fears to rest?   

Investigation Date:  March 8, 2014

Location:  Bellevue, Ohio


  • Don
  • Kelly
Investigation Conditions
Temperature °F Avg.  32.7  High  40.4  Low  27
Humidity  % Avg.  88  High  93  Low  77
Barometric Pressure 29.91 in.
Wind  2.9 mph NNE
Precipitation .01 in.
Dew Point ºF Avg.  29.4  High  34.3  Low  23.9
Geomagnetic Field  Quiet
Solar X-Rays  Normal
Moon  First quarter moon 45% of full


  • Voice recorders
  • KII meters
  • REM-pod
  • Surveillance system
  • Laser grid

History and claims

The target of this investigation is a home built in 1874. One of the persons residing in the home is expecting a child and is concerned about the baby being brought into the situation . It should be noted that the resident does not necessarily classify her experiences as negative. Claims include seeing an apparition, hearing voices and footsteps, and a breath in her ear. One interesting aspect of this case revolves around a remodeling project in 2008. The house was gutted and redone. Inside one of the walls letters dating back to the early 1860’s and addressed to a Cousin “Jessica” were found. The client has the same name as the addressee of this letter, “Jessica”. (the names have been changed to preserve client privacy).
The majority of the activity seems to be centered around “Jessica” and her bedroom. The expected baby will share the room with its mother; the room has been outfitted with a crib as well.


Shortly after arriving Fringe toured the two story home and delved deeper into the experiences of the one resident, “Jessica”, who was present. The other residents were for the evening. After listening to her claims we stationed our surveillance cameras accordingly. We placed cameras in the mom’s/baby’s room and the basement. “Jessica” claims to have seen an apparition near the living room stairway at the entrance to the kitchen. We placed a camera near the front door of the home to capture the stairway and the adjacent area leading to the kitchen. “Jessica’s” mother also lives in the home and claims that the closet door in her room has opened of its own accord and that a book either fell or was pushed from a shelf in the room. We placed a camera in this room to capture the closet door as well as the bookshelf. Once cameras were in place we started the investigation. We conducted EVP sessions through out the evening. During the night we heard an unusual noise in the living room; a footstep? A knock? Don went down into the basement to see if he could determine the approximate location of the noise from beneath the living room. We discovered that the location of the noise corresponded to the location of some duct work in the basement. At one point in the evening we thought we may have heard a noise in the kitchen area that sounded like a squeak or possibly a footstep. Observations and EVP sessions continued throughout the night until 2am when the Fringe team ended the investigation.


Analysis of audio and video collected during the investigation found nothing out of the ordinary. During our time in this location we noted that sound carries well through out the home. We could hear the footsteps of our client and agents from upstairs as we sat down in the living room. Voices could be heard but were muffled rather than distinct. The location of HVAC grates facilitated the noise circulation. As mentioned previously, one noise in the living room which sounded like a thump was related to the heating and cooling system duct work. When the client related her experience of seeing an apparition near the stairway, we thought that it may have been some sort of dream in that time period between wake and sleep. However the client avowed that she was fully awake at the time. We have no concrete explanation for the small squeak/footstep we heard from the kitchen. The sink did have a slight leak so it may be possible that we mistook that noise to be something other than what it was.


During this investigation the Fringe team did not encounter anything out of the ordinary. We were able to explain one experience and provide possible explanations for other seemingly paranormal occurrences. Based on our interviews with “Jessica” and the evidence from our investigation we believe that anything that may be occurring is not of a negative nature.


Report by Director Don

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