West Toledo Residence

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Investigation Date:  February 8, 2014

Location:  Residence in West Toledo


  • Don
  • Kelly
  • Matt (Weston)
  • Chad (Weston)


Investigation Conditions
Temperature °F Avg.  8    High  15  Low  1
Humidity Avg.  75  Max   85  Min   64
Barometric Pressure 30.29 in.
Wind  6 mph SSW
Precipitation .02 in.
Dew Point ºF Avg.  4
Geomagnetic Field  Unsettled
Solar X-Rays  Active
Moon  Waxing gibbous  70% of full


  • REM pod
  • Vibe pod
  • Surveillance system
  • Voice recorders

History and claims

The subject of this investigation is a two story home built in 1950. The home is situated across from a relatively large cemetery. Preliminary research of the home did not turn up any deaths on the property. The property owner did an extensive remodel of the home’s interior shortly before the tenants moved in. Claims at this location include footsteps upstairs as well as an oppressive feeling in the attic. Of concern to the family is the welfare of the children. The parents report hearing crying coming from their room and upon inspection find that all of the children are sound asleep. Two of the younger kids are not sleeping and stay awake talking to themselves or screaming. Sometimes bruises have been noticed around their ankles or feet. What appear to be bite marks have also been noticed when they awake in the morning. The clients report having experiences in previous residences and wonder if something may be following them.


The Fringe team arrived at 7pm and began by touring the location and setting up the surveillance system. We placed a camera in the family room, the child’s room, in the stairwell, and in the second floor attic space. We also conducted a sweep of the property with our EMF meters .and found readings to be low and within acceptable limits. Fringe started the evening with EVP sessions in the lower part of the home. Two hours into the investigation the REM pod in the stairwell activated. Approximately a half hour later at 10:30 the homeowners, who were sitting in the living room, heard what sounded like footsteps coming from upstairs. None of our agents were on the upper floor at the time. Don and Chad teamed up in the attic to investigate. The Vibe-pod we had stationed in the attic activated several times. We also heard several noises; one of which sounded like a rustling. Later in the evening Don and Kelly were stationed in the child’s room when they both heard what sounded like footsteps, perhaps coming from upstairs as well. At 1:30 am Matt and Chad investigated upstairs and thought they may have heard a voice in the attic. They also may have heard a female voice in the stairwell in conjunction with an EMF meter hit. The team ended their investigation around 2 am.


Analysis of our digital voice recorders turned up no EVPs or anomalous audio. The first REM-pod activation of the evening is suspect. Our system experienced a minor malfunction and did not capture the incident. The surveillance system worked during the remainder of the investigation. The homeowners had two cats inside during the evening. The stairwell camera caught the cats interacting with the REM-pod two times. This is why we must have doubts about the first sounding of the REM-pod. This investigation marked our first time using the Vibe-pod. This device detects vibrations and in response will set off lights and emit an audible alert, similar to a REM-pod. The home sits a short ways back from a main street. During our investigation traffic was light to moderate. We did notice that the Vibe-pod activated in response to cars passing by at times. For this reason we must discount the Vibe-pod activity at this location. The home owners and the Fringe team heard audible noises that sounded like footsteps in the second floor attic area. Due to the placement of the recorders we did not pick up these sounds but we did hear our agents mention this activity for the record. The voices heard in the attic and the stairwell will be classified as personal experiences as they were not picked up on audio. The children were not in the home during our investigation so we could not evaluate any possible correlation between the children and activity that may be occurring in the home.



While the Fringe team did not turn up any physical evidence we are convinced that the family IS hearing sounds coming from the upper portion of the home. The question is “what is causing these sounds?” There are natural explanations that can be put forth for phantom “footsteps”. We are not certain whether the “footsteps” at this location have a natural explanation or if they may be paranormal in nature. The issues surrounding the children may possibly be explained by using psychological theories. All possible explanations for occurrences in the home will be discussed with the client. We will examine these issues and proceed from there.

Prepared for Fringe Paranormal by Don C

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