Rossford, Ohio Residential Investigation

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Many of us have dealt with troublesome neighbors.  But what if that neighbor is one of the undead?  There is no paranormal policeman  or anomaly abatement department.  What is a frustrated tenant to do?  Why call upon their local neighborhood paranormal investigator of course!  How did Fringe Paranormal deal with this strange case?  Read on…

Investigation Date: November 16, 2013

Location:  Rossford, Ohio

Investigation Conditions
Temperature °F Mean  46  Max  57  Min  34
Humidity Avg.   78  Max  86   Min 67
Barometric Pressure 30.02 in.
Wind  10 mph South
Precipitation 0.0 in.
Dew Point ºF Avg. 43
Geomagnetic Field  Unsettled
Solar X-Rays  M class flare
Moon  Waxing gibbous  100% of full  Age: 48%


  • Video camera surveillance system
  • Audio recorders
  • KII meters
  • Wireless RF detector

History and claims

The location of this investigation is an apartment. The apartment complex itself was built in 1975 and consists of two buildings, each with two stories and comprised of multiple dwelling units. The entire complex is approximately 12,270 square feet and rests on 2.49 acres.

This location is said to host unexplained activity. People have seen shadows and heard footsteps. The resident has noted cold spots in a certain area of the apartment. The oldest daughter has heard her name called and felt as if there is a presence around her. The resident also states that a photo in her possession may exhibit evidence of paranormal activity.


The team arrived at the location around 8pm. Surveillance cams were set up to view both bedrooms. We opted to use two voice recorders for this investigation. The team conducted EVP sessions throughout the evening with the goal of obtaining audio to substantiate the claims of paranormal activity in the home. Fringe also used KII meters in conjunction with the recorders. We did receive multiple hits on the KII’s during the investigation. Several photos were taken to ascertain whether or not lighting conditions could explain the anomaly captured in the resident’s photo. At one point in the evening several Fringe agents heard a strange sound in the area and made note. At 2am the team ended the investigation.


Analysis of the audio collected revealed nothing unusual. Fringe agents agreed that the strange sound we heard was most likely a bird. We did not hear any disembodied footsteps. We should note that it is very easy to hear neighbors walking about in the upstairs apartment. It is difficult to assign any type of paranormal cause to the multiple KII hits we noticed during the evening. Many of the KII hits corresponded to hits on the RF detector. The RF detector reacts to cell phones, walkie talkies, and other devices that emit a wireless signal.  The same holds true for KII meters.  The apartment under investigation is sandwiched between several other units so it is likely that the KIIs were in distance of wireless signals.  The lack of audio evidence corresponding to the KII hits also suggests a natural explanation for the KII activity.

Analysis of the resident’s photo leads us to conclude that the anomaly is NOT due to light. A close inspection of the photo reveals that the glowing object presents fibrous material as opposed to light. The anomaly in the photo is consistent with the camera flash reflecting off of a camera strap. Fringe was able to reproduce the anomaly using the same brand and model of camera. (see photos below).


Fringe Paranormal does not dispute the experiences of the residents. However, we were not able to detect any paranormal activity during our stay in the apartment. We were able to find possible natural explanations for some activity that occurred during the evening. The evidence leads us to conclude that the anomalous photo can also be explained. If there is something unexplained occurring at this location we have no evidence to conclude that it is negative in nature.

Prepared for Fringe Paranormal by Don C

Rossford photo possible explanationB2  11-16-13
The face of the person on the left has been covered to ensure privacy. The circle areas show where the fibrous material is evident. The recreation on the right was taken with the same brand of camera as the photo on the left. It IS possible to not notice the strap in front of the lens depending on the picture taker’s angle looking into the lens. We believe that the client’s photo is explainable by natural means.

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