Welcome to the Dead Zone

Leading a team of paranormal investigators takes a lot of time and a lot of work.  At times, it can be a big pain in the  butt.  Mostly though, it’s an adventure and a satisfying one at that.  When I set out to write this the foremost thought  in my head was “What do people want to learn about ?”  Most people have seen at least one of the many TV shows featuring a team of ghost hunters as they go about searching for evidence of paranormal activity.  You can watch such programs and still have no idea as to what actually happens during an investigation. All of the important steps that take place before, during, and after the actual investigation are given little, if any, attention.  So I thought rather than make my writings a template or on-line course for paranormal investigations perhaps you, the reader, would be better served by seeing what happens behind the scenes.  When you step into the Dead Zone you are going to get a no holds barred look into the real world of paranormal investigations. Yes, you’ll learn about how Fringe Paranormal generates cases, how we interact with clients,and how we deal with evidence.   But you’ll also get a look into the mind of one of it’s directors; me.

Sometimes being a leader can be stressful

What do I think about some of the shows out there?  Do I think some claims of paranormal activity are totally nuts?  What are some of the challenges I face running a team?  These are just some of the topics I’ll be addressing in this forum.  As many of my friends and associates can attest, I’m not great at “speechifying” or getting up in front of crowds.  But in this forum, you may see me step up to the podium, blow into the microphone, and put in my two cents on some hot topics making their way around the paranormal world (and trust me,  some of them could make you shake your head and throw up your hands).

So the point to take away from all of this is that when you join me in the Dead Zone sometimes you’ll get a debate;  sometimes you may learn a little something; and sometimes you may even be a little entertained.

Now that's entertaining AND cute
Now that’s entertaining AND cute

In the end, it doesn’t really matter so much how we got to the Dead Zone.  What matters the most is what we take away from it and how we put our experiences there to use.   So until we meet again in the murky void always remember

It’s better to be an open minded skeptic than a close minded believer

Don C

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