The Paranormal at Home: Hauntings in 50 States – New Hampshire’s Mount Washington Hotel

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Many believe that living guests aren’t the only ones who admire the breathtaking view of the Mount Washington Hotel in New Hampshire. Businesses like this one are more than a place for the weary traveler to rest. They are buildings that serve as the backdrop for memories, some cherished and some tragic.

Haunted New Hampshire: Mount Washington Hotel

Mount Washington Hotel
Mount Washington Hotel in New Hampshire
c. 2011

The Mount Washington Hotel can be found near Carroll, New Hampshire. The area is usually referred to as Bretton Woods because of its proximity to the Bretton Woods ski resort.

The hotel cost a total of $1.7 million when it was constructed in 1900. That may not sound impressive by today’s standards, but if you adjust for inflation, it would be equal to more than $44 million today. The owner, Joseph Stickney, had earned  a fortune as a coal broker before he was 30.

Stickney put a lot into his hotel. He brought in 250 Italian artisans who worked with primarily stucco and granite. He was quite proud of his undertaking. Within a year of the opening ceremony, Stickney died from heart failure. He was only 64 and never had the chance to truly enjoy his hard work.

Stickney’s wife Carolyn spent summers at the hotel for the next 10 years. She added a fourth floor between the towers, the Sun Dining room and a chapel in honor of her departed husband.

Carolyn eventually moved on, at least for a while. She married Prince Lucinge of France. She left the country to stay in her new husband’s homeland. Eventually the prince also died and Carolyn returned years later to wallow in the memories and beautiful scenery of Mount Washington. She owned the hotel until the day she died.

Paranormal Activity at the Mount Washington Hotel

Mount Washington Hotel Assembly Hall
Postcard reproduction of the Assembly Hall
c. 1910

There have been reports of a female apparition that moves through the hotel, sometimes looking down from the balcony. Some believe this is Carolyn, still frequenting the hotel that was such a big part of her life. Unexplained music is sometimes also heard throughout the building, usually described as “romantic” in tone.

Room 314 is said to be the most active spot in the hotel. This spacious accommodation looks luxurious and charming despite the fact that it may house an unseen occupant. The four-poster bed that sits in the room is the original bed that was used by Carolyn Stickney. People have seen Carolyn around the bed, sometimes combing her hair. Her presence is also often accompanied by the smell of perfume.

The disembodied crying of infants has been heard in the Mount Madison ballroom.  Visitors have also had the lights turn off and on inside the tower rooms.

Paranormal TV show Ghost Hunters investigated the Mount Washington Hotel and came back with some very intriguing EVP evidence. It’s very clear and obvious, provided it is authentic. There are skeptics who believe it was staged. You can see the Ghost Hunters investigation in the video below.

Ghost Hunters investigate at the Mount Washington Hotel

The Mount Washington Hotel Today

The Mount Washington Hotel is a historic landmark that’s well worth visiting for the view alone. Whether you believe the TAPS evidence or not, there have been many other reports of strange happenings inside the hotel.  The business is still thriving and continues to welcome guests into its luxurious rooms. Those who come for the paranormal opportunities should consider reserving room 314 (the Princess Suite) if it is available.

Have you been to the Mount Washington Hotel (or would you like to go)? Share your personal experiences or investigative approach to this location in the comments.

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