“On The Fringe” ~ What’s Really Scary

On the Fringe


I’ve been asked many times “Aren’t you afraid you’ll bring a spirit home with you when you go out on a ghost hunt?”  No, I’m not.  Why not?  Well, I break it down by the different types of haunts.  A residual haunt is one where the spirit does the same thing over and over, unaware of its own presence in our realm.  If it is unaware, it seems unlikely that all of a sudden it is going to follow me home.  Intelligent haunts are caused by those spirits that are aware of the different spiritual planes and choose whether or not to interact with the living.  I feel, however, that these spirits remain because they are already attached to a person or location, neither of which is me.  Sure, I’ve heard that intelligent spirits may latch onto a living person to use their energy.  But I’m old and work two jobs – one of which is teaching Kindergarten- so good luck with that one Mr. Ghost!  As a personal choice, I stay away from demonic haunt claims.  I truly don’t believe demons are as prevalent as some buff ghost hunters that use more hair product in a day than I do in a year would lead you to believe.  But I do know my limits and it would be irresponsible of me to pretend I could exorcize demons, even if it’s just in a person’s mind.

So no, I’m not afraid of the spirits I’m trying to make contact with.  You know what I am afraid of, though?  People.  People are weirdos.  As a testament of this fact, here’s a little excerpt of what happened on a recent investigation Co-director Don and I attended. Names have been changed to protect the innocent…

Scene:  Fringe Co-directors Don and Kelly are in a small room in a building that used to be a convent.  There is an open ghost hunt going on with many people wandering around the large building.   The room is mainly bare; only a three-legged stool sits in the middle of the floor.  Don and Kelly are attempting to make contact with the spirit of a nun who has reportedly been seen in the window.  Suddenly, a bald man with a clipboard appears at the door.

Kelly:  “HEY!”  (yelling loudly and quickly at a probable newbie investigator seemed like a funny idea at the time)

Bald Man with clipboard:  *stare*  *stare* *stare*

Kelly:  “Ummm….were you looking for someone?”

BM w/cb:  *stare* *stare* then finally…”Do you know Bob?”

Kelly and Don:  “no”

BM w/cb:  *stare*  *stare* then finally…”I heard Bob’s having a party”

Kelly and Don: (stammering)  “umm…yeah, well…I dunno…”

BM w/cb:  *stare*  *stare* Then finally…. “This building gets me all confused!”

Bald Man disappears.

Kelly and Don:  “What the hell was THAT all about???”

At first Don and I thought maybe we had really made contact with a ghost!  We’ve all heard those stories where someone picks up a hitch hiker and has a whole conversation with them only to later find out that the person wasn’t real.   Yes!  We asked the person who was head of the ghost hunt if there were any claims of a ghost of a bald-headed man holding a clipboard.  There weren’t.  Mainly because the bald-headed man was a real guy who was a custodial worker at the place and was curious about what was going on.  God only knows why he couldn’t just say that when he was staring at us.  We would have gladly have allowed him to join the fun. See?  Weird.

It’s not ghosts that make me afraid of walking to my car in a large parking lot at night.  Just sayin’.

And if you see this guy in a dark parking lot RUN!
And if you see this guy in a dark parking lot RUN!

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