The Paranormal at Home: Hauntings in 50 States – Idaho’s Stricker Ranch

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Idaho is a beautiful state however it is one that is not usually thought of as an exciting or strange region, unless you have a peculiar fascination with the potato. In reality Idaho has a few potentially haunted locations that are very intriguing and seem to retell the stories of the past.

Haunted Idaho: Stricker Ranch

The Stricker Ranch, also known as Stricker Ranch Stagestop and the old Rock Creek Station and Stricker Homestead, can be found in Hansen, Idaho. The stagestop was constructed in 1865. The store and house were purchased in 1876 with the Stricker home added in 1901. It is perhaps best known for being part of the famous Oregon Trail. It was an important landmark stop for weary travelers in need of supplies.

The journey was long and difficult, with many people losing their lives to hardship, illness and conflict along the way. Many believe this is why the Stricker Ranch has become a hot spot for paranormal activity.

Paranormal Activity at Stricker Ranch

Visitors have witnessed ghostly figures running through the field and small, open cemetery that is still standing on the property. These visions are usually seen after dark. People have also reported doors opening and light flickering inside a cabin at the ranch when no one was inside.

A group of local paranormal investigators calling themselves the Super Natural and Paranormal Team (SNAPT) spent time in Stricker and captured seconds of video footage that seems to show a face emerge then disappear in the darkness. Click here to review evidence gathered by SNAPT at the location.

Watch shadows in the black box just to the left of center to see the image of a face captured by SNAPT investigators

The Southeast Idaho Paranormal Organization (SEIPO) interviewed local historians and completed an investigation as well. They compiled a video of their work which included a few pieces of possible evidence. They discussed their findings at the end of a nearly 30 minute investigation video posted to YouTube and on their official website. Click here to go to the website or see video below for the footage.

SEIPO investigation video
Jump to 21:40 for evidence segments

The Stricker Ranch Today

The Stricker Ranch continues to be the source of many strange reports and personal experiences. The building still serves as an important reminder of the early days of the United States. Some of that history may still linger on the property. Ghost tours of the Stricker Ranch are offered, with all proceeds going to Friends of Stricker for upkeep and maintenance.  The landmark is currently owned by the Idaho Historical Society, which maintains an official website for the site here.

Have you been to the Stricker Ranch (or would you like to go)? Share your personal experiences or investigative approach to this location in the comments.

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