Bowling Green Private Residence

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Everyone loves a peaceful home in the country.  Sometimes the undead like it so much they stick around.  Does an unimposing home in Bowling Green play host to an unwanted bothersome entity?  Join the Fringe team as they attempt to explain the unexplainable. 

Investigation Date:  June 21, 2013

Agents Present

  • Kelly
  • Don
  • Ray
  • Al
  • Dave B.
Investigation Conditions
Avg. Temperature  °F  Mean  74  Max  86  Min  63
Avg. Humidity  Avg    57  Max  84  Min  35
Barometric Pressure  30.15 in.
Wind  5 mph SSW
Precipitation  0.0 in.
Dew Point  °F  58
Solar X-Rays  M Class flare
Geomagnetic Field  Unsettled
Moon Waxing gibbous 97% of full
Age 44% N. Hemisphere

History and Claims

The target of our investigation is a relatively new large country home. This two story home was built in the 1970s and boasts several acres of land. Ownership of the the land itself can be traced back to 1835, when it was deeded by President Andrew Jackson. The land was split and sold to several influential people of this era. There are ongoing renovations to the home and an outbuilding. The client reports doors opening and closing on their own. A book is reported to have flown or fallen off a table landing in front of this same door in the foyer. Some have seen eerie green eyes peering into windows in the room that contains an indoor swimming pool. Decorations have been reported to fall from the walls in the laundry room and kitchen for no apparent reason. A cable installer was installing equipment in an upstairs bedroom when something frightened him, causing him to leave the home.

Video Camera Placement

  • Camera 1 – entrance foyer
  • Camera 2 – upstairs bedroom
  • Camera 3 – indoor swimming pool area
  • Camera 4 – laundry room
  • Camera 5 – kitchen

Rem pod Placement

  • We placed a pod in the upstairs room where the cable installer had his experience
  • We also placed a pod in the kitchen near the area where pictures fell from the wall


The team split into two units this evening due to the size of the home.  While the paranormal activity allegedly occurs in the home itself we also made sure not to neglect the outbuilding during our investigation.  We spent the night conducting EVP sessions in hopes of obtaining some sort of audio evidence that might support claims of unusual activity at this residence. We utilized both roaming and stationary voice recorders.  Fringe agents concentrated on finding natural explanations for the claims of odd occurrences.  In regards to items falling from the walls, the team tested the theory that bumping into the walls could jar objects loose from their positions.  We found that a series of hard knocks could, over time, cause items on the laundry room wall to fall down.  We did not obtain the same results with the items on the kitchen wall. In regards to eerie green eyes seen looking into windows, we noticed that there are many reflections bouncing off the windows in the pool area.  The reflections can also be distorted at times. At one point during the night agent Ray thought he saw a white mist move across the camera stationed in the laundry room. Further analysis showed this to be a floating orb, most likely dust, illuminated by a light source (IR light from the camera in all probability).  At around 2am the Fringe team wrapped up the investigation.


The team was able to reach the conclusion that there is a plausible explanation for the claims associated with the laundry room.  We believe that as there are children and pets in the home that it is likely that the wall between the laundry room and the family room takes a few bumps and thumps.  This in turn can cause the plaque on that wall to jar loose.  We could not reach this conclusion in in regards to the kitchen wall.  We believe that the strange eyes witnessed looking in the windows are also explainable.  This could be due to reflections off of the windows in the area; and there are many.  Our agents also noticed several raccoons near the home during the night.  These raccoons could also be an explanation for the “prying eyes”.  We were unable to find any explanation for the book falling off the table in the foyer or the door opening and closing.  This event also did not occur during our investigation. We also noticed an isolated hit on the REM pod and the KII meter.  As these were one time occurrences we can not ascribe any meaning to them.


We did not experience anything out of the ordinary during this investigation of the home.  We found reasonable causes for some odd events but no plausible explanations for others.  The home owners do not feel threatened in their home and we did not experience any negative activity.  At this point we would advise the home owners to go along with their normal day to day activities and just take note of any unusual occurrences.  Should the need arise the Fringe team will return this location for further study.

Prepared for Fringe Paranormal by Don C

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