Blissfield, Michigan Private Residence

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They say the best tenant is the one that pays the rent and doesn’t cause problems.  But what happens if the tenant is a poor soul who lives in that space between reality and the hereafter?   It is believed that a ghostly presence inhabits a small home in Michigan.  It never pays the rent and has been known to be a bit destructive.  Follow the Fringe team as it sets out to evict this “deadbeat”  

Investigation Date:   June 15, 2013

Agents Present

  • Don
  • Kelly
  • AL

Video camera Placement

  • Kitchen – viewing the kitchen counter
  • Kitchen – viewing out towards the living room
  • Bathroom – viewing the sink and the area above
Investigation Conditions
Avg. Temperature  °F  Mean  67  Max  77  Min  57
Avg. Humidity  Avg    75  Max  93  Min  52
Barometric Pressure  30.04 in.
Wind  4 mph SW
Precipitation  0.0 in.
Dew Point  °F  58
Solar X-Rays  Active
Geomagnetic Field  Quiet
Moon  Waxing crescent  43% of full
Age 23%  N. Hemisphere

History and claims (with input from Director Kelly)

This single story home was built around 1930. It is relatively small with three bedrooms, one full bath and a detached garage. The owner says there is a “creepy” feeling about the place. Renovations began shortly after the purchase of the home. Workers on the home reportedly heard a voice say “Hi” or “Hello”. The house “fought” them during renovations. For example, for everything they’d try to fix they found three more things that needed fixing. There have also been claims of poltergeist-type activity. Since the house has been rented, the renter says a figurine has flown off a shelf and a bowl of apples flew off the kitchen counter. These apples also somehow lined themselves up once out of the bowl. The owner is not aware of anyone dying in the house, but a former owner died in an accident while he owned the house. This former owner built the shed that is still on the property. Neither the landlord nor the tenant feels threatened.


The focus of our investigation was a relatively small home close to a main highway. Upon arrival we set up our video cameras. The circumstances of this location negated the necessity of using stationary voice recorders. We opted to use two roaming recorders instead. The reasoning behind using two recorders within the same small group is that audio evidence is much more compelling if it is captured on more than one device. On this night all three Fringe team members would stay together throughout the night as one group. Throughout the evening we conducted EVP sessions and scrutinized our video feed. The best case scenario in this investigation would be to capture video of the aforementioned claims on video. The night was relatively calm. We did get a lone hit on the REM pod stationed in the home. At around 2 am the team wrapped up the investigation for this location.


We had one of our cameras focused on the kitchen counter in the event that the bowl of apples might again overturn of its own accord. This was not to be the case this evening.  As the client maintained that a glass figurine flew off the bathroom medicine chest and shattered in the sink we tested the integrity of the wall supporting the chest. The wall proved to be sturdy enough to withstand blows and objects on the medicine cabinet did not fall off as a result of those blows. It may be possible that over time the opening and closing of the cabinet doors may have “walked” the object to the edge until it fell off. The sounding of the REM pod could possibly be explained by local traffic. The home sits on a road that is heavily traveled by semi trucks. Past investigations have proven that REM pods can be set off by walkie talkies. We think CB radios may be the impetus for the activity of the REM pod. We also discovered that the home has high levels of EMF (electromagnetic fields). Analysis of audio obtained this night revealed nothing of note.


Our investigation produced no evidence of paranormal activity at this location. This does not necessarily mean the client did not experience unexplainable activity. There are natural explanations for some of the claims related to this location. It is our belief that there is no negative activity in this home. We also find that possible paranormal events here have been of an infrequent nature and most likely will not occur on a regular basis.

Prepared for Fringe Paranormal by Don C

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