An Odd Occurance at a Port Clinton Residence

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Investigation Date: December 8, 2012

Location: Port Clinton, Ohio


  • Don
  • Kelly
  • Al
  • Tami
Investigation Conditions
Avg. Temperature  Mean 40°f  Max 44°f  Min 37°f
Avg. Humidity  Avg.  90    Max 100   Min 79
Barometric Pressure  29.94 in.
Wind  5 mph NNE
Precipitation  .07 in.
Dew Point  39°f
Moon  Waning Crescent 25% of full N. Hemisphere
Solar X-Rays  Active
Geomagnetic Field  Quiet

History and Claims

This location in Port Clinton started as a parcel of land in 1858 on which the home was built in 1868. The home is a large two story building with many rooms. Currently the home functions as a duplex capable of housing two families. The home changed hands quite frequently especially during the 1930’s, perhaps due in part to the great depression. Our research shows that four people died while in possession of the property. Two men met their demise due to heart attacks off-site. Another male owner, Mr. LeCrone, died off-site as well. Mr. LeCrone’s six month old daughter, Ruth, also perished during this time. Details of her passing are unclear and it is not known if she died on the property. The claims at this location are centered in the upper duplex portion of the home. The family has seen curtains fluttering in the living room. Doors have closed of their own accord. There have been sounds coming from the attic area. The family has entered the kitchen area to find that drawers and cupboards are standing open when they know that they were closed upon retiring the previous evening. The homeowner also claims that a small child in the home interacts with some unseen entity and that activity will stop upon request to said entity.


The investigation began with the usual tour of the premises. We placed a stationary audio recorder in a side bedroom and one down in the basement. There are no real claims of activity in the basement other than a feeling of unease. As there were four Fringe agents on this investigation we opted to split into teams of two. Don and Kelly paired up and Al and Tami formed a unit. Both teams carried roaming audio recorders for use during EVP sessions and to document the evening’s proceedings. For this location we used five video cameras: one in the kitchen area; one focused on the living room; one in the basement; one camera shooting down the stairway; and one camera alternating between viewing the curtained window and the doorway said to close on its own accord. The team conducted EVP sessions throughout the evening in several areas throughout the home. As we knew a bit about the history of the property and its former homeowners we were able to tailor our question and answer sessions accordingly. Fringe utilized its laser grid in the kitchen in hopes of capturing movement on cam. The laser grid is an instrument which projects a pattern of laser light on a surface area to facilitate the capture of movement on camera or with the human eye. The basic theory is that anything that passes through the grid will block out portions of the light enabling cameras and the human eye to better notice its presence. The team also tested the drawers and cabinets in the kitchen and found that the doors did not swing open easily after being shut loosely in the frame. We noted the location of vents throughout the home in order to make certain that air currents could not cause movement of lightweight objects in the area, especially the previously mentioned curtains.


The residents shared information that an area of the home is walled up. We could find no record as to when and why this is the case as interior modifications usually do not require a permit. This finding does not necessarily signify something ominous or negative. It is most likely “one of those quirks” one finds with an old home that has changed hands many times and been remodeled. The venting in the home can not explain the rustling of one of the curtains. Vent locations would not provide the area in question with enough air flow to move a curtain. Our laser grid and cam system did not pick up anything unusual. The kitchen cabinet doors and the side room door near the living room did not open as purported. Analysis of our digital audio recordings revealed nothing of note. We did pick up what sounded like a person humming. However, due to the recorder’s proximity to a vent coming from downstairs and the fact that there were family members downstairs this piece of audio must be discounted. As the homeowner’s small child was not present during our investigation we did not test claims of his interaction with an unseen force.


The Fringe team did not uncover any evidence of paranormal activity during this investigation. As the home was built is the late 1800s it is not impossible that there could be some residual activity occurring. We can not conclude that there is or is not unexplained activity at this location based upon one investigation. We will conclude, however, based upon the client’s claims and our investigation that nothing malevolent is occurring.

Prepared for Fringe Paranormal by Don C

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