On The Fringe – “Get a Tech Guy!”

On the Fringe

Co-director Kelly’s Blog

     Every paranormal group has one, right?  The guy who can turn an ordinary old digital camera into a full-spectrum camera.  The person who says, “I LOVE evidence review!”  We’ve had those people in our group.  Unfortunately, we don’t have one right now.

To be fair, everyone in our group is reasonably techie.  Except me.  I’m not sure what happened.  I was the first person in my immediate family to own a computer.  The first person to send emails, go to chat rooms, and scan pictures and stuff.  Nowadays though, I know I need to set aside hours if I’m going to attempt anything new.  The computer just doesn’t seem to understand me like it used to.

It really hit me that we needed a good tech person when I sat down to write this blog.  I really wanted to write about the “Haunted Florida” vacation I went on this summer.  But, I took an audio recorder there and so far I haven’t listened to my recordings.  It doesn’t seem to make much sense to write THEN listen.  And compounding the issue is the fact that we just completed an investigation.  Before I can listen to my Florida recordings, I need to finish listening to the audio we gathered from our client’s house.  It was a great investigation and so far I actually have heard some possible evidence.  Over the years, though, I’ve gotten so used to multi-tasking that it is really hard for me to just sit and listen!   Fringe always creates a deadline for ourselves to reveal our evidence to our clients, and we strive to always meet our goal.  I just always end up putting off the audio review til last, hoping some tech god or goddess will swoop down from the sky saying, “I LOVE listening to audio!  Let me do that for you!”

What I’m really good at?  Buying equipment!  Right now I have my eye on an EM Pod that looks badass and really should be easy to use.  Unfortunately, I’ve thought that about a lot of items.  Like my Sony night-shot video camera with additional IR light that I can’t get to hook up to my computer.  I’ve tried different cords, programs, etc, but apparently I’ll have to buy a whole new laptop to get this dumb thing to upload my video.  It doesn’t do much good to have video that you can’t show anyone…especially a client.  I also own a really cool motion detection system.  I bought it one afternoon before an investigation where the clients saw shadows moving around a barn.  I read all the directions, got it all set up, then took it to the location.  And guess what?  It didn’t work.  (of course)  People were walking right in front of my detectors and they wouldn’t go off.  I just don’t get it.

So now I’m listening to this audio from our residential investigation and, as I mentioned before, I’ve heard some interesting things.  I’d like to get other members’ take on what I’ve heard, but the audio file is too big to send. I don’t know how to isolate the small parts into separate files.  I know how Director Don does it, but the question is, how many hours is it going to take me to figure it out?  What it boils down to, though, is that no matter how long it takes, I will get this done.  Our clients deserve their answers.  I just wish I was one with the tech universe….or that I had a tech guy!

My first computer was a Mac. Then everyone said “No one uses a Mac, you need a PC”. Now it turns out a Mac is probably what I need to upload those videos I have. I just can’t win the tech game!

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