“On the Fringe” My Start in the Paranormal

On the Fringe

Introduction Part Two ~ “Finally Fringe”

      So how does one get from reading books and watching TV into an actual paranormal group?  Well for me it went something like this:  It was a February evening in 2007.  I’m not sure if MySpace was around , but Facebook wasn’t yet mainstream, so I was hanging out on AOL.  All of a sudden I get an IM from an old guy friend I hadn’t heard from in at least six months…

SHMO29:  hey

ME(in my head):  wth?

ME22:  hey

SHMO29: niceties, niceties, blah, blah, blah

ME(in my head)  really….wth?

ME22:  niceties, niceties, blah, blah, blah

SHMO29:  I joined a paranormal group

ME(in my head)  WTH?!?  That’s MY thing!!  YOU like UFOs!!

ME22:  oh?

SHMO29:  Yeah, I found them on Craigs List.  I think they’re looking for more people..you want to join?

ME(in my head): Do I want to be in a group?  Yes.  Do I want to hang around you? No.

ME22:  I’ll think about it and let you know.

I did have to think about it a bit.  Not only was Shmo in the group, but it was based in a city an hour away.  Finally I decided being in a paranormal group was what I wanted to do more than anything, so I joined.

Our original group was led by a guy in his mid-20’s who was recently out of the military.  I believe his heart was in the right place, but there was a lot of wishy-washiness with his leadership.  We had a meeting where he said he wanted to run the group in a military-type style where members got ranked/promoted depending on how much they did for the group.  Then the next thing we knew, he up and moved to New York.  We all knew he had married  a girl who used to live there, but the move happened without warning to most us.  I had raffled off a ghost hunt for a charity and that was left hanging.  He even took some equipment that did not belong to him.  The split was not amicable to say the least.

I felt pretty lost.  I looked around for groups around my area, but I really liked the people in my group!  I contacted Co-director Don Danger (just called “Don” in those days), and he felt the same way.  I contacted the other members and they all felt the same way!  We decided to keep it together with a few changes.  Our other leader wanted the group to be our job.  Most of our members already have jobs, not to mention kids, so we decided to let our members participate as much as they could with no penalty.  We decided on the name “Fringe” because, while our first love is ghost hunting, we are also open to UFO-ology and crypto-zoology.  From then until now, members have come and gone, but we are on good terms with everyone.  We usually investigate someplace about once a month, and do our best to maintain professionalism and integrity.

So there it is.  A short history.   Now that you know what we’re about, I can write more about what I’ve/we’ve done.  I hope you’ll enjoy my paranormal journey.

We also decided on the name “Fringe” because it is harder than you think to come up with an anagram that is both cool and relevant. I personally have never seen the show!

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