“On the Fringe” – Introduction to Me

On the Fringe

       First of all, to be perfectly honest, I am starting this blog because of sibling rivalry in a dream.  Really Mom?  My brother could be a good writer?  I was the kid who was always reading!   I’M the one that always wanted to be an author!  Then The Universe told me to act upon my dreams in an email.  True story.  Soooooo… let the writing begin…and if anyone enjoys it in the meantime…BONUS!

For the purposes of this blog, let me tell ya… if I could make a living ghost hunting, I would.  IF I’d have known back in the day that parapsychology (like the stuff that made my eyes pop in “Poltergeist”) was a real, viable career… my life might have been much different.  But I didn’t, so here I am…a 50-year-old single mom, Kindergarten teacher, landlord, part-time retail worker, and ghost hunter.

By the way, I know the term “ghost hunter” is disliked by some people.  They say,“I don’t get out my guns and go hunting ghosts”.   For my intents and purposes, I am using  http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/hunt  transitive verb definition 2b:  to search out or seek.  I do this same kind of hunting for good deals and cool shoes.  I don’t take a gun with me then, either.

The paranormal has been a life-long passion for me.  I wish I could say I had a crazy, frightening experience with the other realm that made me want to seek the truth.  But no.   As alluded to in my first paragraph, I was a reading nerd when I was a kid.  The first book I fell in love with was Magic Elizabeth by Norma Kassirer.   I actually found the book again when my daughters were little and read it as a bedtime read-aloud to them.  I was kinda ticked/impressed when my youngest daughter figured out the ending…I hadn’t seen it coming when I was her age!

My love of books with extraordinary subject matter grew with me.   Before it became all the rage to make horror movies from books, I read The Omen and The Exorcist.  (It’s a good thing reading doesn’t make you psycho like rock music alledgedly does, because I read those in my EARLY teens!).  When I reached high school, I got turned on to Stephen King and tried to bend spoons with my mind like Carrie. I also found a sympathetic soul in my paternal grandmother.   If you read my “Summer of Psychics” blogs, this would be my “horse grandma”. We never actually discussed our mutual infatuation with the supernatural before she passed, but she always let me borrow her books without question.   In my early twenties, I fell in love with Anne Rice and I still dream of taking a trip to New Orleans in search of Louis and Lestat.  After that, well, life happened.  I got married, I had kids, I got divorced, I finished college, I worked two jobs, I became a soccer/swim/band/drama/etc.  single mom…you get the idea.

AND THEN I watched the first episode of Syfy’s Ghost Hunters  and O.M.G…. WHAT?!?!   Haunted places, debunking, and scientific proof!?  I was more excited about the paranormal than I had been in years (decades?).  To this day I refuse to hear Jay-and-Grant bashing.  I have always been impressed with their ethics.  They actually used to tell people their places weren’t haunted.  As their popularity grew, they got into cooler historic places and acquired more sophisticated equipment so of course now they find more proof.  I feel they know the truth, though….you can sit alllllll night in an allegedly haunted location and come away with nothing.

So, how did an ordinary person like me get from reading books and watching TV to actually bonding with a group of like-minded people and ghost hunting?  You’ll see in my next blog!

The original-cover copy of Magic Elizabeth (like the one I own) is now selling on http://www.amazon.com for $50. Cool…but I’m not selling!

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