“On the Fringe” -Summer of Psychics Tour Part 3

On the Fringe

Part Three ~ Travis Sanders

Travis Sanders.   www.psychictravissanders.com   What?   Travis Sanders is not a famous psychic you say?  Well….he will be if that’s what he wants!

I first saw Travis on an episode of Psychic Kids on A&E.  I noticed then that he lived in a town not so far away from me.  Around that same time I started taking yoga classes.  Coincidentally (if you believe in those things), Travis did readings at the place where I took yoga.  He also held Sunday morning spiritual-type services that my mom and I attended a few times.  The first thing I noticed about Travis was that, even though he is in his early 20’s, he has an old soul.  He speaks with a composure, maturity, and eloquence that are far beyond his years.

Shortly before my family and I went to see John Edward (see “Summer of Psychics” Part Two), I saw online that Travis was going to hold his own event in a small theater in Sandusky, Ohio.  I told my family about it, and we made arrangements to see him.  Travis had been out of state learning and growing in his field, and this was his first gallery reading in two years.

The biggest difference between Travis’ event and the others we’d been to was the size of the venue.  There were at least 1000 audience members on hand for the previous two shows we’d attended.  In Sandusky there were about 30.  Because there were five of us, the odds seemed good that someone would show up for us.  Sure enough, Sharon came through again!  I thought Travis nailed her personality perfectly.  We were impressed with the details that came through and the message that Sharon was watching over my nephew as he was driving through some rough weather.

Then Travis left us to talk to a couple other people.   All of a sudden he turned around and looked perplexed.  “This has never happened before,” he said, “I don’t even know if I should say it…but there’s a horse standing here.”  Travis asked everyone at the beginning of the show to claim their dead people because otherwise they won’t leave him alone, so we claimed the horse.  We got the feeling from the things Travis said next that my paternal grandfather was still attached to his old home and barn.  Unfortunately, we found out earlier in the summer that the current owner of my grandparents’ property plans to tear down the barn.  It comforted me, though, to think my grandpa was probably watching over us while we gathered mementos of our childhood to keep in our family.  After the event, I told Travis I would send him the picture posted below.

So can it be a coincidence that two psychic/mediums saw horses around us?  Of all my deceased relatives, it NEVER occurred to me that my Grandpa Hall would want to contact us. My sister thinks both John and Travis picked up on the recent energy connecting us to our late grandfather.  I think that it’s good to be skeptical about psychics; but sometimes you just gotta believe.

This is the “artwork” we created for our dad for Father’s Day with items taken from my late grandparents’ old barn. This picture had not been posted anywhere on the internet prior to our seeing either John Edward or Travis Sanders.

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