East Side Toledo Residence


Investigation Date: August 27, 2011

Location: East Toledo, Ohio

Investigation Conditions

Avg. Temperature  73°f
Avg. Humidity  68%
Barometric Pressure  29.88 in.
Wind  2 mph NE
Precipitation  0.0 in.
Dew Point  60°f
Moon  waning crescent 12% of full  Age 11%
Solar X-Rays  normal
Geomagnetic Field  quiet


History and Claims

This two-story residence was built in 1917 and is situated near a body of water (within 2 miles). The home also has a basement. The homeowner suspects that there was a fire in the home at some point in the past due to the discovery of charred wood during remodeling. The alleged activity at this location began when the current owners moved in with a slight up tick during the remodeling. Everyone in the family has had some type of experience. A tall, thin shadowy figure wearing a hat has been spotted on the staircase leading to the second story. A similar figure was spotted near the basement. A bedroom door is reported to have slammed shut violently of its own accord. One evening a family member claims to have heard children crying. Upon checking on the kids upstairs, she found that they were sound asleep. On another occasion a female child heard someone whisper in her ear. There is one claim of a bed shaking in one of the rooms upstairs. Three people in the household have heard a disembodied humming. Numerous bangs and thumps have also been reported from the attic area. This area is mostly uninhabitable, non-storage space.



The Fringe Paranormal team arrived on location in the early evening. The plan for this evening was to try and explain some of the claims as well to confirm whether or not there was actually some type of paranormal activity in the home. Our first task was to take EMF readings throughout the house. Base reads fell within acceptable levels in most areas of the home. The basement was another matter. The basement contains the heating and cooling unit as well as many pipes and electrical boxes. EMF readings tended to be somewhat higher near the electrical boxes, yet still within acceptable levels. However, one small room within the basement, approximately six feet by six feet, registered EMF readings above 20 mg.

Several family members have noted that this room makes them feel uncomfortable. The team tested the bedroom door that is alleged to have slammed shut. We found it to be a normal working door with no tendency to swing shut on its own. The team performed several EVP sessions throughout the evening. Fringe stationed a video camera looking up the stairway to the second floor in an attempt to capture any evidence of the previously mentioned shadow figure. For the most part the investigation was uneventful. However, later in the evening the team heard a loud bang or thud which seemed to emanate from the bedroom on the first floor directly adjacent to our position. This is the same room where the door is claimed to have slammed shut of its own accord. At around 2:00 am the Fringe team ended the investigation.



Our readings in certain parts of the basement, in particular one six by six foot room, indicate high levels of EMF. We believe that the high readings in this room may account for the uncomfortable feelings experienced by some members of the family towards this area. The family had stated that upon move in they had found a battered mattress literally stuck to the floor of this room and that there was a lock on the outside of the door to this room. The family felt that this was somewhat odd and eerie. We believe that this “creep” factor in addition to the abnormally high EMF readings may explain the feelings of unease in this part of the home. In regards to the self slamming door on the first floor, we originally thought that this could possibly be explained by air currents due to the location of a window directly across from the door. However, upon reflection we due not believe this to be the case. The houses in this part of the city are positioned close together which would not allow a strong wind to enter through the window unabated. The force of any wind entering through the window in question would not, in our opinion, be enough to cause the door to slam shut; nor would it be sufficient to slam the door with the amount of violent force as described by the family. The family has claimed seeing a shadow person on the stairs. The human eye has many cone receptor cells in the periphery. Cone receptors are very sensitive to changes in light intensity. These receptors are not made for seeing color or shape though. Color and shape are perceived better by looking at something in more of a straight ahead manner. If a person detects a change in light intensity from their peripheral vision they may interpret it as motion. When they turn to face this motion and see nothing they may interpret this as a shadow person or a ghost. This may explain some of the sightings of shadow people in this home. If the witnesses saw a shadow figure head on then this explanation may not be sufficient however. We can not explain the noise from the first floor bedroom. We did not notice anything out of place or strewn about after that audible experience.



We have been able to explain or suggest viable explanations for some of the activity in the home. The family does not feel threatened by the activity as a whole and the Fringe Paranormal team tends to agree. The family has expressed the desire to have a house blessing as a matter of custom due to their religious faith and the team is in the process of procuring someone to assist with that matter.

Prepared for Fringe Paranormal by Don C


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