Perrysburg Ohio Residence

Investigation Date:  July 30, 2011

Investigators Present
Kelly S.
Don C.
David T.
Jake K.
Tony A.
AL  L.
Tami L.


Investigation Conditions
Avg. Temperature  82°f
Avg. Humidity  62
Barometric Pressure  30.06 in.
Wind  2 mph ESE
Precipitation  0.00 in.
Dew Point  67°f
Moon  waning crescent


History and Claims

The barn on the property was moved from its previous location in the 1940s due to its proximity to high tension wires and a well.  The first signs of activity related to this out building began in 1960.  It is reported that at times during loud gatherings in the barn witnesses were pelted with rocks, seemingly from out of nowhere.  Lights allegedly went off and hay was seen falling from the rafters above.  Activity has also been reported around the family home.  Family members have seen the shadowy figure of a man around the kitchen window.  There are also reports of a lady dressed in paisley among other apparitions seen by others.


The Fringe team arrived around 8:00pm on a clear evening.  The investigation tonight would entail investigating the detached barn on the property to see if we could verify claims of paranormal activity.  Upon arrival we went through a run down of the claims and took a survey of the location.  During our inspection we discovered a large oblong stone along the property line inscribed with a name.  We think this may be some type of old corner stone as we were informed that the barn had been relocated from another area on the property to its present location. The barn is large and is divided into three main sections; two of which are used for storage of vehicles and assorted items and are one story.  The third section has two floors with the second floor accessible via a wooden staircase.  This portion of the barn is partitioned into smaller areas such as would be used for housing livestock. The upper loft is currently in use as a storage area.  We focused the investigation around this third area and its loft as well as the area around the outside of the barn.  The team started by taking base EMF readings. Readings were within acceptable levels and likely play no part in skewing any results or sensory perceptions at this location.  Fringe Paranormal conducted several EVP sessions during the night.  We also kept a look out for any type of peculiar goings-on.  The team played a portable radio in an attempt to elicit activity. The homeowner had reported that stones had been thrown by an unseen agent in the past while loud music was played in the barn.  We experienced no such activity.  The remainder of the night was uneventful with nothing out of the ordinary occurring. The team wrapped up the investigation around 11pm.


The Fringe team was unable to verify the existence of any sort of paranormal activity during this investigation.  The lack of activity may be due to several factors:  weather or environmental conditions may have dampened activity; the location is not the seat of paranormal activity; paranormal activity is unpredictable and simply did not manifest.



During this particular investigation we did not experience anything out of the ordinary.  The claims of paranormal activity associated with the barn may have been an isolated incident.  As there have been claims associated with other parts of the property other than the barn, we can not dismiss these claims without a full investigation. The team shall remain open to performing a follow up investigation.


Prepared for Fringe Paranormal by Don C.


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