Napoleon Ohio Private Residence

The doorway between life and death is a  portal which must be opened with care.  Sometimes those who enter are uninvited guests.  A home in Napoleon, Ohio may have played host to some of these unwelcome entities.  The Fringe team paid a visit to investigate the strange happenings in the home of a local family.  Join the Fringe team as we investigate one of our most fascinating cases.


Investigation Date:   June 18, 2011
Location:                    Napoleon, Ohio


Investigators Present
Don C.
Kelly S.
Peggy D.
Al  L.
Tami L.


Investigation Conditions
Avg. Temperature  73°
Dew Point  55°
Avg. Humidity  53%
Barometric Pressure  29.87 in.
Wind  8 mph NE
Precipitation  0.0 in.
Moon  waxing gibbous  89% of full
Solar X-Rays  active
Geomagnetic Field  quiet


History and Claims

This Italianate residence was built in the 1800’s and was home to some prominent Henry county residents.  Some of these residents lived in the home for many years, which may be an important fact as we go into the claims of this location.  
Claims of paranormal activity began shortly after the current tenants took up residence at the investigation location.  There are many reports of doors opening and slamming shut and loud bangs inside the home.  In the main bedroom upstairs the tablecloth on an antique side table is often found to have an end flipped up.  A seashell which rests on the same table is often found to be moved from the table into the middle of the bedroom doorway.  Other items have been reported missing only to turn up in a different area of the home. Pictures hanging in the room are often found askew upon the wall.  The smell of an old fashioned perfume can be smelled at times.  All family members have reported experiences.  Members have heard voices as well as the sound of a baby crying.  This activity is deemed benign.  However, as we get into more claims respecting this location we start to notice more negative experiences.  Some family members report an overall feeling of depression and tension.  Feelings of being watched are common. The mother reports walking through the kitchen and around a corner and having someone or something scream in her face.  Shadow entities,  resembling a medium size dog, have been spotted near the basement.  Family members feel negative emotions connected with the basement.  Both mother and father speak of an incident involving a very bad argument in the basement.  During this incident they report being able to see his breath (it was a normal warm day) and report that the hairs on their bodies were standing up.
The 18 year old daughter has feelings of being watched and reports the bathroom door trying to forcefully open one time while showering. The smaller children in the home have had nightmares and are said to stare out their bedroom door.  The husband reports being scratched on the chest while in the basement .  Recently the family reports a pungent odor emanating in the living room.  The family states that they would like a house blessing in addition to an investigation.



Upon arrival the Fringe team took a tour of the home and discussed the plan for the evening. Fringe split into two units. Don and Al formed one team and Kelly, Peggy and Tami formed another. We placed stationary digital voice recorders in the upstairs bedroom and in the basement. Base EMF readings were logged in key areas throughout the home. Teams rotated between the basement, first floor and second floor and both teams were issued K II meters. The homeowners were present during our investigation.  As Don and Al investigated the basement one family member claimed to have heard a “crawling” or shuffling sound near the water heater. The husband stated that he saw a strange shadow. At one point during an EVP session in the basement a name associated with the history of the home was mentioned.  At this point an audible “ping” was heard.  We tried several more times to get some type of reaction but were unsuccessful.  Throughout the evening both units investigated conducted EVP sessions and observed the environment for any anomalies.  It should be noted that we also made a point of investigating the garage. The garage is disconnected from the home and was not a source of any claims of paranormal activity.  We opted to investigate this part of the property due to the fact that two possible trigger objects were being stored there by the occupants.  One of the objects, an antique mirror, was originally located in the downstairs bathroom.  The other object, a cloth rag, once belonged to a practitioner of Wicca.  The homeowners felt that these objects may have triggered some of the activity alleged to have occurred in certain areas of the home.  During our time in the garage nothing of note took place.  At around 3:00 am the team wrapped up the investigation.



Analysis of the audio recorders revealed no anomalies. During the evening there were no EMF spikes or significant K-II up ticks. As mentioned previously, the clients did have some experiences in the basement. However, our agents experienced nothing out of the ordinary. Examination of still photography revealed nothing of note.  Prior to our investigation at the residence, we were provided with audio supplied by the client.  On the audio one can clearly hear many bangs and thumps and an EVP. We have no reason that believe that the audio was in any way doctored.  Our many pre-investigation  and follow up interviews lead us to the conclusion that the family is stable and of sound mind. We are confident in the sincerity of the family with regard to the paranormal claims associated with this residence.  



The Fringe Paranormal team cannot verify any of the claims at the home.  Based on our evidence and experiences during this particular investigation at this particular time we can not confirm that this location is the seat of any paranormal activity.  However, in accordance with the wishes of the family, the team enlisted one of its members to bless the home.  Prior to the investigation the family expressed a desire to have the home blessed.  They had previously contacted a local church and were denied.  We called upon Todd P., an ordained minister, to perform the blessing.  Upon arrival, Todd spoke with the family about his qualifications, their expectations, and what the blessing would entail.  After the blessing, the family stated that they felt things went in a positive manner.  We believe that the blessing, if it did not curtail any negative activity, may have at least stopped any possible activity from morphing into something more sinister.  Fringe has informed that family that we will continue to make ourselves available to them should they need any type of assistance.


House Blessing Audio


Prepared for Fringe Paranormal by Don C

Special thanks to Todd P. for his specialized assistance

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  1. Hi, this home is where I use to live. It was a very bad experience living there. Many, many more things took place after the investigation. Much more sinister, and incredibly audible. My husband, and I were able to move out three years, after the investigation. The very next summer, it caught fire. People said, they saw a huge fire ball in the living room , as this is where the explosion took place Note, there were no gas lines under the living room. The fire was so hot, it did so much damage, that the home had to be torn down. There is a video on YouTube,of the fire department were fighting the fire. I wanted to share that with ,Fringe. Thank you for investigating!!


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