Electro Magnetic Field Meters

Ghost Hunting Resources: The Electromagnetic Field Meter
by Shelly Gatto
.An EMF meter

With so many ghost hunting television shows airing today, you have probably seen an E.M.F. meter in action. The investigators are often seen adjusting and wielding all manner of high tech equipment. E.M.F. stands for electromagnetic field, and the device that reads these fields has become a staple for ghost hunters. No, this is not a device that detects ghosts. In fact, its purpose is quite natural and far from otherworldly.


E.M.F. Meter Basics

An E.M.F. meter was designed to measure changes in electromagnetic fields.  These fields are created by AC or DC currents and are usually measured from man made sources. The wiring in your home emits an AC electromagnetic field. DC electromagnetic fields exist naturally in the Earth.  There is nothing creepy or unsettling about that, right?


Why Use E.M.F. Meters in Ghost Hunting?

Those who do not understand the scientific side of electromagnetic fields assume that E.M.F. meters are designed to identify the existence of a supernatural presence. This is actually not the case.  The purpose of the E.M.F. meter can be better stated as a tool to disprove the existence of the supernatural through scientific explanation. In many cases, the E.M.F. meter can detect a possible, earthly cause for the symptoms of a haunting.

There are skeptics who believe that people who claim to have experienced a supernatural encounter are actually recounting sensations caused by the existence of electromagnetic fields. These fields cause both sides of the brain to work together, creating all manner of strange occurrences, from perceived voices or sensations and visual hallucinations. An E.M.F. meter used on the area where the alleged haunting took place can detect the existence of these fields as a possible cause. Although there is disagreement about whether or not ghosts exist, regardless of the use of E.M.F. meters the fact remains: those who endure these experiences believe wholeheartedly that they are very real.



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