A haunting at old South Main school


On Friday July 24, 2009, Fringe Paranormal was enlisted to investigate strange happenings at an old school in Bowling green, Ohio.  Follow the team as we take on an investigation that produced some amazing experiences for this newly formed group of experienced investigators.

Investigation Date: July 24, 2009

Investigation Duration: 8:00pm-12:00am

History and Claims

This school was built in 1890 for the intended purpose of being used as a school. It served this purpose until 2005 when the school ceased its operations. Shortly thereafter it was turned into an arts education center/common space.

The building consisted of a sub floor basement area , two main floors and an attic area. The sub floor basement area consists of  one or several rooms, one of which probably served as the old elementary school’s cafeteria. Two other rooms are of usable classroom size, another under-stair room houses a water tank and storage area. A set of boy’s and girl’s restrooms are on this floor. The boiler room/janitors closet is also in this area. It accepted that in the past a janitor was found deceased of natural causes in this area.  There are reports of footsteps and toilets flushing on their own.  Some think the janitor still roams the halls doing his duties.

People have reported hearing acoustic piano music in the building when no one is around and when no one is in the first floor gym/stage area which houses a piano. Some have reported finding objects in places other than where they placed them, suggesting that the objects were moved by some  unnatural force.


Investigators Present

Brenda B

Kelly S

David T

Don C

Ron J


Investigation Conditions

Avg. Temperature         73°f

Avg. Humidity                73

Dew Point                        58°

Precipitation                  .01 in.

Barometric Pressure    29.89 in.

Wind                                 2 mph WSW

Solar X-rays                   normal

Geomagnetic Field        quiet

Lunar Data                     waxing crescent, 8% of full


Investigation Summary

The Fringe team arrived at the target location at 8:oo pm. Upon arrival the group took a tour of the building and formulated their investigation plan.  It was decided that Brenda and guest investigator Ron J. would form one team and that Don, Kelly, and David would form a second team. Brenda’s team started on the second floor while Don’s team began in the sub-level basement.  Don’s team started by trying to debunk reports of footsteps being heard while no one else was present on the same floor as the claimants. Examination of the building revealed that areas underneath the stairways in the building were not closed in. The stairways stood over empty spaces which were used as utility rooms and the like. This makes it very possible that footsteps upon said stairs would produce an echo which could be heard in other parts of the building.

After finding an explanation for reports of disembodied footsteps, the team settled into just surveying their surroundings and conducting EVP sessions.  About thirty minutes into the investigation Brenda and Ron reported that they were hearing shuffling noises.  The basement team radioed that they were not moving at that time.  A few minutes later Don, David, and Kelly also began to hear shuffling noises. This happened several times. At one point loud knocks or pops were heard. The team confirmed that Brenda and Ron were not responsible for said sounds. The team was able to determine that the noises were coming from the stairwell area leading from the basement to the first floor. David opted to go sit on the landing in this area. Shortly after, David reported hearing the shuffling directly behind him on the carpet. The landing where David was positioned measured an area about six feet by three feet.  The activity reported by both teams occurred within the first thirty to forty five minutes of the investigation.

There have been claims of acoustic  piano music being heard in the building when no one is around. During its break between rotations the group experimented with a “familiar environment” theory. The group played classical music as would be played on a piano to see if this would have any effect in generating activity.  After a short time the music was turned off and Fringe Paranormal resumed its investigation with the teams switching areas.  Through the duration of the evening no piano music was heard  by either team.

The remainder of the investigation produced nothing substantial. At 12:00 am the group ended their investigation.



This investigation produced no visual evidence such as photos or video. However, the team was fortunate to capture some intriguing audio which suggests that perhaps something out of the ordinary may be occurring at this location. Further investigation should be undertaken to gather more evidence and to test theories regarding possible natural explanations for the experiences at this location. At this point we cannot find any plausible explanation for said occurrences.

Prepared for Fringe Paranormal Investigations by Don C

Investigation organized by Brenda B

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