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March 2014:

As you browse the web I'm sure you are inundated with links, some safe and some not so safe. I just want to assure all visitors to our pages that any link we post on our site is safe. If you click a link in an article or to get more info on something we post you can rest assured that the link has been personally checked by me. Also, any official page on this site has our official logo posted in plain view.

I also want to invite everyone to join us on our Facebook Page. Soon we will be disabling comments on articles and posts. We will be using our Facebook Page. to host discussions on articles and other paranormal topics.

Don C, Director

What’s New

> 3/5/14 Birmingham Library and Tony Packos report posted

> 7/9/14 Crybaby Hill report posted

> 7/24/14 Defiance Ohio investigation results posted

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